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A ticket for the Eliseo arena as a tribute to the first ten readers who, this evening, will deliver this page to the cash desk of the open-air cinema in viale della Repubblica. The screening starts at 21.30. The film in programming is ‘Top Gun – Maverik’ by Joseph Kosinski: the sequel to the historic 1986 Top Gun, played once again by the stainless Tom Cruise in the role of Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell, brave and reckless fighter pilot, lover danger and motorcycles. The Lieutenant, among the best aviators in the Navy, after more than thirty years of service is still in the only place he would like to be. He avoids the promotion that would no longer allow him to fly, and he pushes the limits once again, courageously testing new planes.

Called to train a special team of Top Gun academy students for a secret mission, Maverick will meet Lt. Bradley Bradshaw (Miles Teller), nickname Rooster, son of his old flight mate Nick Bradshaw ‘Goose’. Grappling with an uncertain future and the ghosts of his past, Maverick will have to face his deepest fears to complete a very difficult mission, which will require great sacrifice on the part of all who choose to participate.

Tomorrow, however, Paul Thomas Anderson’s Licorice Pizza will be screened: a love and training story in the Fernando Valley of the seventies where two teenagers meet and intertwine their lives chasing a dream: to run a waterbed company together.

Saturday is Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast turn, set in the 1960s during the start of the Troubles in Ireland where we follow the story of Buddy (Jude Hill), a 9 year old boy. On Sunday on the big screen there is ‘Compartment n ° 6’: a mysterious Finnish woman is on board a train bound for the Arctic Pole. On board she will make encounters that will mark her forever, first of all the one with a rough Russian miner.

Monday here is ‘Lunana’ which tells the true story of a teacher from Bhutan who, as a punishment, is sent to carry out his profession in a village at the end of the world, far from all forms of civilization. Here, after a period of initial difficulty, the teacher will discover the great spiritual strength of his students and will change his perspective on many things.

Tuesday is the turn of Pedro Almodovar’s ‘Madres paralelas’: two very different mothers cross the hospital wards. In a few hours something will happen that will unite them forever. In the cast, Almodovar’s muse Penelope Cruz.

‘Spencer’ will be screened on Wednesday: Kristen Stewart plays Princess Diana, followed by the camera during a Christmas vacation. Everything seems to flow slowly and calmly, but in reality her marriage with Carlo is already in deep crisis and everything is about to change irremediably.

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