Top Ten and New Amsterdam

The television schedules of Friday 24 June 2022 they are rich and have programs for all tastes: entertainment, films and series. What’s the TV schedule for tonight? Let’s find out!

Programs tonight prime time TV 24 June 2022

The evening programming on Friday 24 June 2022 is vast and features titles for all tastes. Rai1 proposes the first episode of the program Top Ten, conducted by Carlo Conti. Canale 5, on the other hand, offers a new episode of the fourth season of New Amsterdam.

Those who wish to spend the evening with a good film have ample freedom of choice: from Asterix at the Olympics on Twenty Seven to the first run film A rainy day in New York on Rai3. It should also be noted Beatrice and Marco – A love story on Real Time, which shows for the first time on television the marriage between the influencer Beatrice Valli and the former tronista of Men and Women Marco Fantini. What are you doing on TV tonight?

Rai TV programs tonight

  • Rai 1 21:25 – Top Ten
  • Rai2 21:20 – Mediterranean
  • Rai3 9.20pm – A rainy day in New York
  • Rai4 21:20 – Escape Plan – Escape from hell
  • Rai Movie 21:10 – Born tired
  • Rai Premium 21:20 – The fugitive

TV programs tonight Canale 5, Italia 1 and Rete 4

  • Network 4 21:20 – Fourth grade – The Stories
  • Channel 5 21:21 – New Amsterdam – Season 4 Episode 10 – Dying is the rule
  • Italy 1 21:20 – Interstellar

Tonight on TV on other broadcasters

  • Channel20 21:04 – Code Mercury
  • Channel 34 21:00 – The virgin wife
  • Twenty Seven 21:10 – Asterix at the Olympics
  • Iris 21:00 – The new world – The new world
  • Tv8 21:30 – The Crimes of the BarLume – The bingo of the troia
  • Italy 2 9.15pm – The origins of evil
  • La5 21:10 – The boss
  • Channel Nine 21:25 – The best Brothers of Crozza
  • Sky 9.15pm – Kreola
  • Real Time 21:20 – Beatrice and Marco – A love story
  • La7 9.15pm – Live Propaganda – Best of

A rainy day in New York: cast and plot

On the evening of Friday 24 June 2022 the first-run film will be broadcast on Rai3 A rainy day in New York. Released in 2019 under the direction of Woody Allen, the film stars Timothee Chalamet, Elle Fanning, Selena Gomez, Jude Law, Diego Luna and Liev Schreiber.

Ashleigh is a student at Yardley University who, thanks to the school newspaper, has the opportunity to interview a famous director in Manhattan. Her boyfriend Gatsby, who was born in New York, offers to accompany her to help her discover the city.

Due to a series of unexpected events, Ashleigh and Gatsby are unable to meet for the whole day. The interview with the director becomes longer than expected and the young student also finds herself at a party, in the company of a famous actor. Gatsby, meanwhile, is unable to avoid a familiar event, but the same reserves him a completely unexpected surprise.

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