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tori kelly all about the singer

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The story of Tori Kelly, cali girl with a crystalline voice, is that of passion that wins over everything. At 16 she is immediately noticed for her talent and, as she happens to many singers by 00 years onwards, participate in American Idol. Unfortunately it is unfortunately discarded. A hard blow, but the love of music of Tori Kelly he doesn’t stop her and starts filling Youtube with much appreciated covers and finally a self-produced album. The singer is noticed by the manager of Justin Bieber, Scooter Braun, and then manages to make music his life. Discover with Cosmo everything about Tori Kelly, the lead singer of “Confetti “.

Tori Kelly: Confetti, All in my head and success

Tori Kellythe singer of “Confetti “just last May 5th he celebrated with his fans the 10 years that have passed since the release of his first album Handmade songs by Tori Kelly. The EP is produced and written by Tori Kelly herself after the disappointment of American Idoland also contains the song “All in my head “ by Kelly, the first hit written by the artist. The singer is known for her crystal clear and flawless voice, which ranges with her range from R&B sounds to gospel. Class ’92, Californian girl born to a father of Jamaican-Puerto Rican origins, music has always been his vocation. After some TV shows like American Idolit is thanks to the ability to pierce the Youtube screen, as it was for Shawn Mendes, The Weeknd or Ed Sheeranthat Tori Kelly in 2013 he began to grow artistically and get noticed, with covers of great classics made with voice and guitar. After the successful album with her songs written by her, the contract with Capitol Records arrives thanks to the producer Scooter Braun, who notes her on her social networks. The following albums arrive, even more successful, Foreword And Unbreakable Smileopenings to concerts by Ed Sheeran And Sam Smitha nomination and a Grammys performance in 2015. The second album also features the hit by Tori Kelly “Hollow “. And, last but not least, the marriage with basketball player Andr√© Murillo. In 2019 Tori Kelly wins 2 Grammy Awards: Best Gospel Performance / Song with the songNever alone “ and Best Album with the EP Hiding Place.

Hallelujah cover by Tori Kelly in Sing 2 and cancel culture on TikTok

the cancel culture on tiktok

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In 2016 Tori Kelly she plays Meena in the animated film Singalong with other stars like Scarlett Johansson, Matthew McConaughey And Reese Witherspoon. In Sing, in a world of talking animals, an impresario (voiced by Mcconaughey) tries to save the fate of his theater through a singing competition, in which the protagonists of the story will participate. At the end of 2021 the new film will be released, Sing 2and begins a very random as well as random hate up TikTok towards the character elephant Meena. The controversy revolves around two scenes from the first film, in which the elephant Meena aka Tori Kelly sings “Hallelujah “ And “Happy Birthday “ in a mannerist and excessively powerful way. The web accusation: the character would be unbearably a pick-me girl, meaning someone who pretends to be shy but really just wants everyone to notice. The beautiful voice of the singer Tori Kellylent to the character of the animated film, would have been ‘too perfect’ in the ears of the TikTokers, resulting in movement cancel towards the animated elephant.

Tori Kelly, all the latest news on the Californian singer

Singer Tori Kelly after the premiere of Sing 2 he has not stopped singing and dealing with art. From a musical point of view, the singer’s first Christmas album will be released at the end of 2020 TO Tori Kelly Christmasfollowed shortly after by an impeccable Christmas performance by Silent Night with Kelly Clarkson.

As featured in the television programs of Kelly Clarkson and then of Drew Barrymorehe also writes a children’s book, The Curly Girl Blueswith an autobiographical plot that revolves around bullying but also on issues of body positivity and acceptance of self in the delicate feminine childhood age.

recent news on the Californian singer

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Singer Tori Kelly has recently returned to singing. In April the video and the song made with Pink Sweat $. The piece is called “Real Thing “a soft and chill song with R&B rhythms. Tori Kelly and Pink Sweat $ they also performed together with none other than a Coachella 22 with the new song.

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