Torn dress by Becky G shows that she was not wearing anything underneath. Eye to video!

Becky G is exposed on the red carpet with a sexy dress without wearing anything underneath off is impact!

In the last delivery of the awards ‘Billboard Music Awards 2019’, Becky G is invited despite not being nominated, but this was not necessary to captivate in the same way on the red carpet with a dress quite tight to her body, a cut side that let’s see beyond the account.

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An unofficial video uploaded to Instagram leaves its audience totally stunned when its most incredible rearguard is recorded, speculating among its followers that it has nothing underneath.

The suit gives a lot of prominence to Becky G because it leaves in her a very sensual and elegant image with a very good body and very firm legs, well that makes her look!


The singer in full interview talks about her most recent creation “Next To You” and offers statements regarding the pride she feels with herself when asked about her age and her great success when commenting: “It is crazy to think about that, is it? truth? I’m only 22 years old, but I’ve been doing this a little over a decade. ”

It is evident to fans that the singer not only fascinated but also was the favorite of the photographers of the moment as it impacted by being so sexy in the style of Jennifer Lopez, another diva that many envies.

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