Toro, Lazio arrives on Saturday: the friendly public becomes a factor for the grenade

Towards the match on Saturday 20 August at 6.30 pm at the “Olimpico-Grande Torino” stadium between the grenades and the biancocelesti

Second Saturday in a row with the Turin field. Also on August 20 it will be Ivan’s turn Juric who will debut in Serie A 2022/2023 at home at 18.30 against Maurizio’s Lazio Sarri. In front of two teams who are coached for the second consecutive season by the same coach and both won on their debut: Turin did it convincingly 1 to 2 at Monza while Lazio defeated Bologna always 2 to 1. It will be the second league game with the summer transfer window still open (there will be two more before the close of the games) and it will be the second of five games before the break for the national teams.

Torino will present themselves to the appointment with still many knots to be solved and this week, in this sense, will be quite significant. From the Sasa Lukic question to the purchase of the central defender in place of Gleison Bremer, there are many points on the agenda of the grenade club. Juric, as reiterated in the first press conference of the year, will try to concentrate as much as possible on the issues of the field and will try to prepare a match strategy suitable for an opponent who, with Sarri on the bench, loves dribbling like no other in Serie A. Obviously Juric will have to deal with the interpreters available and in the meantime, muscular problems permitting, he will be able to amalgamate the latest arrivals, namely Miranchuk and Vlasic, into his creation; both have already made their grenade debuts at Monza but over the weeks they will only be able to improve under the direction of the Croatian.

It will be curious to observe the response of the grenade public to the first Serie A exit of the season. The excellent start of Monza and the arrivals of Miranchuk and Vlasic, as well as the imminent ones of Hien and Schuurs for the defense, could entice some more fans in the stands. Among other things, it is a challenge against an opponent of prestige and level. Lazio strengthened during the summer, bolstering the defense; However, the game system has remained the same and Sarri’s work is destined to pay the dividends in his second season in the Capitoline. However, Lazio will face an opponent who in 2021/2022 made them suffer, and not a little, both in the first leg and in the return. It will therefore be a second season full of ideas for a Turin who wants to continue his August with a smile after passing the round in the Italian Cup and the away victory in Brianza.

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