Toronto 2014: When Tsonga walked on water


Toronto 2014: When Tsonga walked on water

Published on August 8, 2023 at 4:50 pm.

A master’s degree holder in sports journalism, I fell in love with tennis since childhood and have always loved reading beautiful stories about the sport. Today, I would like to tell them to take full advantage of my passion and stay as close to the aces of the circuit as possible.

The Canadian Open has a colorful history, having been on the circuit since the beginning of the Open era. The greatest players have won and France is lucky to have a winner on this list: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Indeed, in 2014, Le Manseau won the second Masters 1000 of his career in Toronto after an extraordinary week.

Arguably the best Frenchman of the modern era, even if he didn’t win a Grand Slam, jo wilfred songa Reached heights many times in his career. Able to develop a strong tennis around his serve and forehand, the Frenchman nevertheless fell into an era of near-absolute dominance big 3, which blocked many possibilities. But during this week in 2014, on torontoIt was in fact the Tsonga the strongest.

Second title in Masters 1000

Already crowned in 2008 death anniversarythe year they reached the finalsAustralian Open playing extraordinary tennis, jo wilfred songa win a second Masters 1000 in Toronto, definitely the biggest title of his career. In fact, Manceau still has an exceptional track record and can be considered the best French player since the beginning of the era. openeven if you win ie noah To Roland Garros 1983 certainly remains the most important event.

Three members of the Big 4 were thrashed

seed number 13 at startup toronto, jo wilfred songa defeat the first two French, édouard roger vaselin And jeremy chardyBefore facing the world No. 1 at the time, a certain Novak Djokovik, But the match never really happened as the French soon took advantage to win 6/2 6/2. The journey doesn’t end here as he manages to get out Andy Murray In the quarterfinals in 3 sets, Grigor Dimitrov And Roger Federer Finally. A memorable journey that was worth watching.

phenomenal performance

in his career, jo wilfred songa He has proved that he is capable of defeating any player if he has a good day. The Frenchman was really walking on water at the time and for many he is one of the best players in history who failed to win Grand Slam, Moreover Furthermore david nalbandian who struck blow upon blow, Nadal, Djokovic And federer To madrid In 2007, none other than Tsonga managed to defeat only three members of the Big 4 in a single tournament.

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