Tota Medina reveals what happened to Panamanian player Rubilio Castillo and has a message for Real Spain


Hernan Tota Medina He has completed his first week at the helm of the company marathon He made his debut in the Clausura Championship of the Honduran National League and admitted they only wanted to sign two or three more players to close out the squad.

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The Argentine coach comes to Monstruo Verde from Vitoria, having previously coached Motagua, having won the title in his first experience in Honduras. Now he will be looking for his second trophy with the Emeralds.

La Tota Medina focused on its needs and set a clear time frame for 100% formation of its team. In addition, after experiencing the classics of Sebeños and the capital, you will have a new experience of the classics of Sampedrano.


What’s the secret to a winning team?

It’s always good to have a job and industry that we are all a part of. It’s about us all coming together for the same goal. The pressure must be maintained so that each area is shooting from the same location and looking for the same targets.

How is the reinforcement issue going?

We are negotiating with Rollin Pena and President Olinson Amaya with players in the positions we want and we are still working on that. Rubilio Castillo made the negotiations public and Motagua made the decision, which delayed us a little bit and now we will move forward with the search that we have been managing and it will be a It’s a matter of time and we will make a decision and from there we will evaluate.

What positions is Marathon looking for?

We are waiting to confirm another centre-back, which will be convenient after the arrival of the forwards. No matter what the nationality, we search.

Are there few reserved seats?

We have a lot of young players working with us, four to six guys coming in and working. Marathon has a very wealthy and young team, with an average age of 22 to 24 years old. They will get the route they need.

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How badly would you like to have a complete roster with the guards and forwards you’re looking for?

As coaches we want to have players as soon as possible and we know it’s just a matter of time. A lot of times it’s not up to us, it’s up to the clubs to sort it out. We hope they can get here as soon as early next week and not in large numbers, two or three at most. If they come with activity, they will shape themselves into what we want them to be.

With today’s squad, do you think you’re ready to compete for the title?

We are here to bring the best out of the team in every game. Sometimes we lack those details and we want that defender and forward that gives us more peace of mind.

How is Panamanian Javier Rivera doing?

He has participated in three training sessions and it is too early to judge him.

Are you now considering Héctor Hurtado for the marathon since Rubilio Castillo is not here?

No, Hurtado does not have the same traits as Rubirio, we will be looking for 9 that differs from the ones already on our list because it is useful to have these variants. We will look for alternatives.

Will the championship drought put pressure on marathons?

All teams aspire to achieve something because of the way they have always done things. The first people to respond are the fans. We will work hard to do it all to achieve our goals and put the marathon at the forefront of everything, and with support it will all be easier. The whole game will be difficult because all the teams play well together.

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What are your thoughts on Real España, a club that signed great players in the Spring League?

I don’t have time to look at that much, I focus more on ourselves and we look at everything we do. There are a lot of moves now that require such detailed analysis.

Will he now host a Sampeder derby and experiment with people from the capital and Sebeños?

They are special competitions with different nuances, people ask for it and you have to win it. It was a monumental moment in the tournament and winning a classic always brings benefits.

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