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Roman history is very rich and interesting. Once, this country rued all over the world. There is a very famous quote about Rome that is ‘if Rome falls the world will collapse too. This period is the perfect symbol of legacy. We have also studied the kingdoms and kings of Rome. The Roman civilisation is considered to be the greatest. Numerous people fought to conquer Rome but, it belongs to the strongest. While reading these lines, you feel like experiencing the exact thrill in your life. Total war: 

Rome II is a famous video game that is ruling the game market for years. This is a perfect platform for hard-core gamers who love adventures. Your search for excitement stops today, with the introduction of this amazing action game. Get ready for a short trip to Roman history.

A world of war, politics, warriors, and richness is in Total War: Rome II. This game is the Emperor Edition of Rome II. It is truly classical, and one of the best destinations for authentic action games. On 2nd September 2013, this game was released. Total War: Rome II was developed by CREATIVE ASSEMBLY. An organisation called Sega had published this fantastic game. Since then Total War: Rome II is doing great, millions of players around the world enjoy being a part of this adventure. This game is so addictive that once you start playing, it is not easy to stop. Total War: Rome II is all about power, this virtual world will make you the ultimate warrior.
What is Total War: Rome II?

Total War: Rome II has always received positive reviews. It is the most famous game, among the Total War series. In 2014, the latest Emperor Edition was released. Lots of updates have been done and few interesting features were added.

The game begins in the era of 272 BC. You can start your journey from there and continues to fight till 300 years. You can also continue further if you want it, because in Total War: Rome II there is no victory condition for the players, so it is a never-ending journey. Rome II is classic, it has the same plot as its predecessor. But with a small twist, the game becomes more enjoyable. The earlier version had rebellious big groups of minor states which were called ‘rebel nation’ but now the small clans have changed. Each has unique features and names. Here all the cities, states, and individuals are independent. These groups have unique play states as well.
There are thirty different city variants in Total War: Rome I Total War: Rome II. There are around five hundred different land units in this adventurous game. You will look after your people very carefully. They are all dependent on you. There are strategies in Total War: Rome II and we need to play accordingly. You will have to manage the civilization and battle with the enemies at the same time.
Total War: Rome II is the most incredible war game. This game is like the real world, once you enter into the game. All you need to focus is on your clan, military, battleships and how can you concur with other’s block. You can also dominate the enemies with the strength of manpower in your area, politics, economics, and military. There is Diplomacy, when you become too strong, the neighbours can fight you back as a unit. When your army will be created, you need to choose the major. He can be from any background.
A perfectly designed game like Total War: Rome II is rare these days. No doubt why, this game has gained so much popularity among the players. Not only that, Total War: Rome II had made its name among the top games. It has got the perfect combination of features. They are as follows:
How to play Total War: Rome II?

Total War: Rome II has 3D graphics quality. These make the game more lively and enjoyable. Every element in this virtual platform is well crafted. The visual effects soothe your eyes. To increase the enjoinment, audio plays a great role. Moreover, the visual and audio effects are great.

Here you can enjoy the chance to become the king of Rome. This is an amazing opportunity to live a life king size. You are the master of your land so every event that takes place must be your concern. Explore the virtual platform and bring pride to your family by concurring and winning the battles. Being a king is not easy; this game will take you to a new level of difficulty.

Features of Total War: Rome II

Total War Rome II – Emperor Edition PC Game Download

Name Total War Rome II – Emperor Edition
Initial Release Date 3 September 2013
Platforms Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux
Creative Assembly
Publisher Sega, Sega Europe Limited
Genres Real-time tactics, Tactical wargame
Mod Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game
Category PC Games >Strategy

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