Touching words from a young Cuban who doesn’t want to be an immigrant: “He misses himself”

Young Cubans, missionaries on TikTok Calling himself Soy el Krizz, he shocked social networks with some emotional words, in which he assured He never thought about emigrating from Cuba There were many things he missed about his country.

In the most viral video on his TikTok account, he begins by saying: “You say it’s not weird, it’s not weird, it’s weird, what I’m saying is, it’s weird, it’s sad you know If there were tens of thousands today instead of tens of thousands, Millions of Cubans are not on our soil This is because of the brutality that occurred there. “

The young man currently lives in Suriname and assures that he “does not like politics, I cannot stand it, but it is very difficult for a Cuban not to be associated with politics in life, because We have been taught political ideas since childhood, but I don’t want to talk to you about that creepy and vicious doctrine this time. “

It’s very sad to be away from those who witnessed your birthAway from the neighbourhood, away from the streets where we ran as children, the neighbours, the old men playing dominoes on the corner, even the screams of the neighbors calling each other,” he listed.

In the video, the Cuban clarified that although other countries treat you well, they are not yours and your roots will always be missed.

“I don’t know if you want to come back, but I want to come back again, but to the land of the freethis is a land where we can breathe joy because there is a lot of pain right now, a lot of suffering and the saddest thing is the leaders who are in power now, they have been in power for years and years and it’s like a kingdom and they don’t want to realize that a A situation where the nation is crying, suffering, shouting that something is going to happen,” he harshly criticized.

“You think people leave because they want to leave, no. The economy is a disaster, freedom is a fairy taleThe young man claimed: “Before you judge an immigrant, before you mistreat him, please think that he is outside his country and his land, not because he wants to.”

The video prompted more than 300 comments on TikTok, many from fellow immigrants who share the boy’s feelings.

This is not the only video in which Soy el Krizz talks about his situation as an immigrant. He also reflects on how those who leave Cuba fare in life compared to those who are in constant need on the island. How many achievements have been made.

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