Tour bus catches fire on Havana street

A bus caught fire Thursday night in the middle of Havana Avenue, but no injuries were reported.

An internet user posted a video of the accident in the Facebook group “Bus and truck accidents, gain more experience, fewer victims!”When you pass this place you can see A white car with a fire on the hood.

The incident happened at 100 and Ventos, but the person who uploaded the photo didn’t know any more details.

Facebook / “Bus and truck accidents, gain more experience, fewer victims!”

“I live on the corner, No one was injured, but the car’s technology was low.” another person shared in the comments.

“The country has lost everything, no one stopped to help, the most beautiful thing is in front of the Cupet and the Cupet fire extinguisher, this can happen to anyone,” questioned another user on the social network.

The cause of the fire and the car driver’s account of the incident have not been revealed so far.

Such accidents are becoming increasingly common. Especially due to poor fuel quality, lack of fire extinguishers, and mechanical and electrical failures in the car.

A few months ago, a car caught fire during the night In a corner of Vedadoand Fire destroyed another vehicle Located on Boyeros Avenue in Havana.

We also rented cars for travel last year Fire breaks out in the middle of Central Highwaybut no one was injured in the accident.

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