tourists shoot everything with their smartphone, the hot video

A moment of summer heat, in the middle of seain broad daylight and aboard a pedal boats. It is not the coast of a popular Spanish, Italian or Greek seaside resort, but the coast of Sochi, in Russiawhere a pair of fiery lovers have been immortalized to do sex among amazed and intrigued witnesses. The couple, in fact, was filmed from the bedroom of one smartphonein all likelihood, while indulging in unequivocal movements sexual. Who takes back the red light scenelaughs amidst the amusement and embarrassment of the other tourists a few meters away from the hot pedal boat.

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Sex in public

It is not the first time that sexual acts take place in the light of the sun and in public, only for pure exhibitionism and recklessness, given that in a tourist place like that of Sochi, the presence of children is also very likely. In the past, just remember the couple spotted as they seemed to do sex leaning on the hood of a car on the side of a road, taken in broad daylight by a Google Street View camera that was passing by at that moment.

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On the benches of the court

And again, the couple captured while having sex in court, captured by CCTV cameras, a few moments before the woman presented herself in front of the judge, is unbelievable; Shameka Julie Leeding, this is the name of the 19-year-old girl, the protagonist of this story, which does not represent the first stain of her in her curriculum of illegal actions.

The 19-year-old, in fact, had to appear before the magistrates court of Toowoomba in Australia, for another episode in which she kissed vigorously together with her 20-year-old partner, Jake James Quinn, to then continue in a sexual act while the girl she was riding her boyfriend’s horse.

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