Tournon-sur-Rhone. Marion Mézadorian presents her “Nuggets”

For his show Nuggets that she played on Wednesday August 30 at the Jacques-Bodoin theater, the comedian alone on stage Marion Mézadorian made fun of her Armenian origins “which we only know with Aznavour and Kim Kardashian” and her career as a provincial climber in Paris to become an actress. She alternately interprets funny and touching characters or downright annoying, “nuggets” that have marked her life.

Colorful characters

With a strong southern accent, the show begins with a match commentary from Olympique Marseille. By the Armenian grandmother and her baklava “with crushed nuts, sugar syrup and honey, sprinkled with sugar otherwise it’s bland” and her personal philosophy on married life. The father, hero hiding treasures in the garden at night and selling vegetables in the markets during the day, advises his budding artist daughter: “Do you see the boards? Pallets… Yeah, that’s your stage! And the piece is called I-everything-sold-in-one-hour! “.

From the country atmosphere of Saint-Cannat, “a small village near Aix-en-Provence where even when you don’t need bread, you go see the baker for the gossip”, she moves on to the Parisian climate, her gloom and the stress of work: “When you go walking in Santiago de Compostela during your RTT it’s because it’s not going well. I have psoriasis on top of my eczema from my job before! “.

She then interprets a gallery of characters met in the capital, between her sarcastic agent and her egocentric friend Leslie, “when I see them on the same day, I want to go on a weekend with Frédéric Lopez, Meeting in unknown land ! “. There’s also Martin with his childhood frankness, and then Josy, very lucid about the daily sketches offered to her by passers-by when she begs in the subway.

The kindness of Marion Mézadorian is expressed in a humor open to the world. “If I ever say no to something, maybe I could miss an extraordinary moment in my life, maybe I could miss a nugget! “.

At the end of the show, Chloé really liked “because there is a message to convey and at the same time it was funny”. Michèle for her part “loves this kind of person because it’s very natural, spontaneous”. And Marie “enjoyed!” And there is tenderness.

It was the penultimate performance of Nuggets which will be played one last time in Toulon.

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