Towards the Audience. On a pilgrimage to Peter

Pope Francis at the audience with CL on 7 March 2015 (© Ansa / Maurizio Brambatti)

The letter from Davide Prosperi, president of the Fraternity of CL, in view of the meeting with Pope Francis in Rome on October 15

Dear friends,

with the approach of the audience that Pope Francis has granted us for the centenary of the birth of our beloved Fr Giussani, filling us with profound gratitude and joy, I feel the urgency to renew with you the reasons for our participation in such an important event, to help us wait for him with a humble and sincere heart, open wide in prayer.

The audience will be a fundamental step in the journey we are making. In such a delicate moment for the Movement, with the pilgrimage to the house of Peter we want to affirm once again our affectionate following of the Pope and in it our passionate love for Christ and for the Church. To Pope Francis we entrust, therefore, as children, the desire that from the depths animates us to offer, through the concreteness of our existence, our contribution of faith and of building the common good for the benefit of all our human brothers, continuing to beg. , first of all for ourselves, the One who alone can satisfy the thirst of man’s heart: Jesus of Nazareth. This is what Fr. Giussani taught and testified to us with his life: “In the great bed of the Church and in fidelity to the Magisterium and Tradition, we have always wanted to lead people to discover – or to see more easily – how Christ is a presence. »(Fr Giussani). We “exist only for this”.

Let us therefore keep awake in the weeks that separate us from the audience the request to Christ that enables us to renew our yes to His call at every moment: it is in the yes of each of us, in fact, that the following of the Church that we desire is made concrete. express with the presence of all of us, united, in St. Peter’s Square on 15 October.

As we await the meeting with the Holy Father, with our hearts open to welcoming his words and blessing with joyful gratitude, trusting in the merciful embrace of the Church, we entrust the path of our movement to the intercession of Our Lady. We are aware of our nothingness and at the same time full of indomitable hope in the One who can do everything, in following that “beautiful road” of which Fr. Giussani never ceased to make us certain: “Familiarity with him, from which the evidence of his word as the only one that gives meaning to life, how can we live it? There is a way: the company that was born of Christ has invested history: it is the Church, her body, that is, the modality of her presence today. It is therefore a daily familiarity of commitment in the mystery of his presence within the sign of the Church. Hence the rational, fully reasonable evidence that makes us repeat with certainty what he, unique in the history of humanity, said about himself: I am the way, the truth, the life ”(Fr Giussani).

Let us pray to the Holy Spirit to accompany us and enlighten us, and we always pray for the Pope and his intentions.

In friendship,
Davide Prosperi

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