Toyota Corolla Cross (2022): first road test, the consumption of the new full hybrid

Toyota Corolla Cross is the new C-segment SUV that is based on the Corolla platform. At the beginning it was not supposed to go out in Italy, but then it was confirmed with an interesting commercial proposal in the choice of set-ups: only twoeach with a single option to choose from and all already very complete in the standard equipment.

Although it may seem only the “raised” version of its sister, Corolla Cross actually introduces many new features, perhaps hidden but not irrelevant. The hybrid system reaches its fifth generation, improving compared to the past: it does not change the operating logic but optimizes performance by cutting the weight of its components and filing efficiency.

In addition, technology takes an important step forward: digital instrumentation as standard on all versions, new hardware for ADAS and semi-autonomous driving, new software with OTA updates capable of adding active safety features.

Before continuing, here are the technical characteristics already revealed at the time of the announcement and the official prices that we will then discuss in the last chapter of this road test regarding the offer with financing and promotions.

Toyota Corolla Cross also arrives in Europe with the fifth generation hybrid system

03 Dec

Toyota Corolla Cross, orders start in Italy.  Prices from 38,000 euros

26 Jul


At the wheel of Corolla Cross 2022, the fifth generation hybrid system does not differ in general behavior and operating logic. Change however remarkably the power availablesomething that in everyday driving you will appreciate when overtaking in extra-urban, acceleration to free an intersection or in motorway overtaking. With S-Cross Hybrid, which costs less, however, you pay much longer shutter speeds that require a little more programming of the maneuver. Corolla Cross, on the other hand, benefits in the version with the 2-liter petrol, almost 200 hp (197 hp) and are perceptible, not limited only to the technical data sheet.

The four-cylinder delivers 152hp and maximum torque of 190Nm, but that’s not what matters because the electric, permanent-magnet synchronous motor has made a big leap forward.

On the 2.0 front-wheel drive it takes 113 hp and 206 Nm of torque, for a total of 197 hp against the 184 HP of the previous generation (on CH-R and pre-restyled Corolla). The same overall power is delivered by the 4×4 version all-wheel drive that though it uses a second electric motor that is now much more performing compared to the fourth generation: 41 hp and an additional 84 Nm of torque.

There will also be a hybrid version with 1.8-liter petrol and a total power of 140 hp: at launch we will see it only in Turkey and Israel, it will not have four-wheel drive, accelerates from 0 to 100 in 9.9 seconds and will make its debut in Italy. further on.

For both versions, however, the battery is new: more compact, it improves the power output, reduces weight and has a new climate control and thermal management system.


Numbers aside, the differences are noticeable outside the data sheet. The car feels more balanced as it accelerates and picks up speed, while maintaining that CVT effect due to Toyota’s hybrid system and planetary (we talked about it here).

In terms of mechanics and driving reactions, things do not change too much: the platform is the same, here declined with a greater height from the ground and a soft absorption setup, without encountering that annoying yielding effect that would then be paid for with excessive movements of the bodywork on bumps and holes. Little roll in corners, where the car betrays the most ground clearance, and a suspension scheme with MacPherson front and independent rear suspension with two wishbones complete a good level of equipment.

Excellent first feedback also from the four-wheel drive system, used only on the road where in curves it stands out for its dynamic contribution to the advantage of grip in all situations, even when we force the foot. The car “splits” the torque (not physically, but adds traction to the rear when needed via the electric motor) to help in those stretches driven in the mountains / hills where we let enthusiasm take off.

The acoustic comfort is average in terms of aerodynamic hiss, the premium ones and some competitors do better. The electric motor intervenes often and willingly, reaching in a path of highway only 62% of electric driving to the airport thanks to some delays. In these fifty kilometers the car has shown interesting consumption (in Spain the maximum speed is 120 km / h): 5.1 liters per 100 kilometers.

In the mixed routehighway, extra-urban almost all in Sport mode to test the performance and some forays into cities and villages, the average was an excellent 5.7 liters every 100 kilometers, in line with a diesel of its size squeezed that way during a test session. In the traits citizens you can safely go down to the 4 / 4.5 liters every 100 kilometers.

It should be noted, for those who are not used to it, that the CVT-like system decouples the engine revs from the speed, and that the 2.0 Atkinson forcefully enters the passenger compartment during sporty driving. Furthermore, among the weak pointsthe plastics of the passenger compartment (solid, well assembled but very “rough” in sight and touch) and the sun visors that seem Lilliputian in comparison to the glazed surface of the side windows, practically let the sun enter in all those situations in which we find it on the side, with considerable annoyances due to the possibility of not being able to shield ourselves completely.


Great progress in terms of infotainment, Toyota has now learned its lesson: goodbye nineties interfaces, goodbye unresponsive screens, goodbye practically absent fluidity. Now it presents us with a 10.5 “high definition display with a very simple, really intuitive, complete interface and top usability: fluid in panning, switching between applications and everyday operations. The system is also connected to the network, and after the first 4 years with a small subscription you can continue to enjoy updates for matte and traffic and support for the smartphone application that remotely controls the car and adds all reporting services. of the on-board computer.

Excellent performance even for Level 2 semi-autonomous driving and the ADAS. Here there are not indifferent hardware evolutions: Toyota Safety Sense radar and front camera are new, they see more in all directions, they see better up close and work with improved and, above all, upgradeable software.

In fact, even the ADAS module can introduce new features when it receives an OTA update, the first ones are already planned in 2023. Corolla Cross also has software that with anti-collision also recognizes motorbikes and objects on the road (as well as pedestrians, cyclists and obviously cars). Brakes by itself even in reverse and in slow forward maneuvers if you choose the LOUNGE, warns if vehicles or road users arrive while the doors are opened



  • ENGINE: four-cylinder hybrid petrol 2.0
  • POWER: 112 kW (152 CV)
  • TORQUE: 190 Nm
  • ELECTRIC: 83 kW (113 hp) and 206 Nm electric
  • MAX POWER (overall): 197 hp (146 kW)
  • DRIVE: front (2WD) or integral (4WD)
  • SUSPENSION: front MacPherson, rear independent with 2 wishbones
  • BRAKES: 4 ventilated discs, ABS with EBD and brake assist


  • LENGTH: 4.460 mm
  • WIDTH: 1,825 mm
  • HEIGHT: 1,625 mm
  • PITCH: 2.640 mm
  • LUGGAGE: 390-425 liters
  • RIMS: 18 “
  • TIRES: 225/50 R18
  • WEIGHT: 1,440-1555 kg in running order
  • BATTERY: 0.84 kWh


  • MAXIMUM SPEED: 180 km / h
  • ACCELERATION 0-100 Km / h: 7,7 s (7,6s on 4×4)
  • CONSUMPTION: 5.1-5.4 l / 100 km (combined WLTP)
  • CO2 EMISSIONS: 114/122 grams per km (combined WLTP)
  • STEERING DIAMETER: 10.4 meters

PRICE: 38,000 euros


Toyota Corolla Cross starts from a list price of € 38,000, figure refers to the 197 bhp 2.0H in TREND and 2WD set-up. The 4WD TREND with the 2.0H starts at € 40,500.

Impossible not to praise the choice to reduce the confusion of the price lists: TREND has it all as standard, the only option you can buy is the panoramic glass roof (800 €). The digital instrumentation (12.3 “is standard) as well as the infotainment with a 10.5” high resolution screen (with Cloud navigation and OTA updates for 4 years), Android Auto (wired) and Apple CarPlay Wireless. There are 2 rear USB-C and one front USB-A, wireless charging.

As standard (almost) all ADAS, including new generation adaptive cruise control and lane car centering with active steering, cameras and rear view camera, Full LED headlamps, 18 “alloy wheels with 225/50 tires, heated electric mirrors and adjustable, light and rain sensor, tinted rear windows, dual zone climate, ambient lighting, front armrest with compartment and more.

The offer with financing (referred to a TREND 2WD) provides a price of € 38,000 and € 3,500 discount. The advance is € 10,800, installments of € 269 per monthguaranteed future value of 50% and 15,000 km per year (APR 6.95%).

LOUNGE (€ 41,000) offers the standard glass roof (the curtain is electric), the seats are in leather and fabric, the audio system is JBL, the satellite navigator has offline maps resident in memory and the ADAS have more automatic braking in reverse when maneuvering, front and rear parking sensors with anti-collision function (avoiding walls and obstacles at low speed, “anti-distraction” function) and monitoring of blind spots. Only optional? The seats completely in leather (800 €).

For all versions and all set-ups there is a launch discount of € 2,000 which can be extended to a total of € 3,500 if you choose the Toyota Easy financing. With promotionand without scrapping, Corolla Cross starts at € 34,500. There warranty can be extended to 15 years with the Toyota Relax Plus program which only requires regular maintenance at the official network.

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