Toyota Polska declares war on car thieves

Toyota does not hide that in some parts of the country its cars are very popular not only among customers but also among car thieves. Gangs of car thieves from towns near Warsaw specialize in stealing cars of Japanese brands, mainly Toyota. It is in the capital that the owners of these cars cannot sleep peacefully. Their cars quite often vanish from the streets and are taken apart within a few hours.

Toyota, however, has an idea how to discourage thieves’ gangs from using their brand cars. All new vehicles leaving the showrooms will soon be additionally secured against theft. The new system is based on synthetic DNA technology. It allows police officers to easily identify not only a stolen car, but also its individual parts with the help of simple police techniques. The solution under the name SelectaDNA has been patented by the British company Selectamark Security Systems Plc.

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Secured Toyota will also be able to quickly recognize thieves, because special warning stickers and a special marking code will appear on the cars. Labels with the same code will also be inside the car.

How does the new Toyota security work?

Simply put, SelectaDNA is a special emulsion of synthetic DNA structure, visible under UV light, similar to human DNA. The artificial gene chains can be of any length, which allows for an unlimited number of combinations.

The emulsion is to be mixed with over 1 thousand. hard-to-remove aluminum microtracers with a diameter of 0.5 mm, visible under magnification. Each of them has a unique code and the address of the owners database, which the police can use quickly and easily.

According to the manufacturer, the biggest advantage of this solution is that it is practically impossible to remove the markings from the vehicle’s parts. They are resistant to mechanical removal and temperature. In addition, the manufacturer guarantees the durability of data on the marked elements for a minimum of five years. A special emulsion is to hit up to 50 components most desired by thieves, such as catalysts, rims, equipment and body parts. The windows will also be marked. Does this actually scare thieves? Time will tell.

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