Toyota with a sale at the end of 2021. The showrooms guarantee the price and date of pick-up of the car

Unlike many manufacturers, the Japanese did not assume that if customers needed cars, they could pay more. You can count on promotions in Polish stores of this brand. Last but not least, there are also cars that can be picked up quickly. How is this possible? The easiest way to say is that the big one can do more. This is the result of proper planning of the production process and ensuring long-term orders for components. The sale of the year 2021 and the pre-sale of cars from 2022 applies to all the most important models in the range.

Toyota C-HR

Buyers of almost all models from the year 2021 will receive a coupon for accessories worth PLN 1,000 and a second – also worth a thousand zlotys – for marking the vehicle with the DNA method. SelectaDNA is a new security feature in Toyota’s offer, which consists in the fact that many elements of the car are covered with a special, invisible to the naked eye gel with synthetic DNA and microtracers containing a unique code. The car also receives highly visible stickers with security information to discourage potential thieves. Discounts also apply to other theft protection measures.

Toyota Yaris

Buyers of hybrid cars can count on additional benefits. The Yaris, Corolla and C-HR models with such a drive are cheaper by 1.5%. The prices of the hybrid versions of the RAV4, Camry and Highlander models were reduced by 7.3 percent.

The Corolla – the most popular car in Poland, may become a sales hit. Copies from 2021 can be purchased for PLN 80,800 in the sedan version. The hatchback costs at least PLN 81,800. Are you hunting for a hybrid version? The car currently costs PLN 96,400 and PLN 94,400, respectively. You only need to pay an extra PLN 3-4,000 for the estate car, compared to the hatchback. During the sale, the Corolla buyer may gain PLN 4,500.

Toyota Corolla

The standard Corolla has an 8-inch central screen multimedia system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, air conditioning, adaptive cruise control and Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 active safety system. The car is available with a hybrid unit with two power levels. In addition, a 1.2 Turbo gasoline engine is available for the hatchback and estate versions, and a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated unit can work under the hood of the sedan.

The prospect of becoming the owner of Yaris is no less interesting. The model, which was chosen the Car of the Year in Europe, is available on sale for PLN 63,800. The price list for the hybrid version currently starts with PLN 80,600. As standard, each car is equipped with a multimedia system with a 7-inch screen, air conditioning and Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 active safety systems. By choosing Yaris, you can save PLN 3600.

You can gain significantly more, up to PLN 7,300, by buying the fashionable C-HR crossover. The compact car is eye-catching with its appearance, and its price list currently starts at PLN 109,100 for a hybrid car using a 1.8-liter combustion unit. Do you expect more? You can choose the 184hp C-HR, the heart of which is a hybrid 2.0-liter engine.

Toyota RAV4

Are you hunting for a family SUV? You can buy the RAV4 model on sale for PLN 118,800. The hybrid version of the RAV4 proves that a spacious car does not have to burn a lot. Now such a car can be purchased for PLN 139,800. By taking advantage of the opportunity in the case of this model, you can save up to PLN 17 700. The hybrid Toyota Camry, which also uses the TNGA-K platform, now costs PLN 146 300. In return, we get a large car with a power of 218 HP, and on the occasion of the sale, you can save up to PLN 16,400.

Toyota Camry interior

The seven-person Highlander can now be cheaper by as much as PLN 23,900. The impressive 7-seater SUV on sale costs PLN 220,500. If you want legendary durability, you can take a look at the Hilux offering. The pick-up with a double cabin in the second DLX version and a diesel engine with a capacity of 2.4 l and 150 HP now costs PLN 120,000 net. Here you can save PLN 1,100.

Toyota has also prepared something for companies. The PROACE Verso passenger van with the Long body can now cost PLN 190,600 gross for the well-equipped Business version and the more powerful 2.0 D-4D 140 HP engine. Benefits when buying this model can reach PLN 37,600. PROACE City in the Active version, with the 1.5 D-4D 100 HP engine, now costs PLN 79,000 net. Buyers can save up to PLN 10,900 net.

The end of 2021 is not only a sale at Toyota of the cars of this year, but also the promise of the car price guarantee from 2022. As part of the presale, you can order a car from the 2022 vintage and wait for pickup. As Toyota assures, the vehicle will reach the customer within the time limit specified when placing the order and for the amount agreed. Even if during this time car prices or interest rates increase. It is similar with the financing offer. Even if its conditions change after placing an order for a car, the buyer can only look at how things happen – confidently.

How about the availability of cars? Much depends on the model. Cars from the year 2021 are available on sale in a very short time. You will have to wait up to several months for cars from the year 2022.

The material was created in cooperation with Toyota

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