Trade. A real boom in online shopping

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Restrictionswith which he faced stationary trade in recent months, contributed to the boom in e-commerce and online shopping. All goods industries had to face the changes consumer goodsincluding food, fashion, FMCG and household goods. Retailers in particular have felt the impact on the supply chain. We are still in the process of these changes, but the period of 18 months allows us to draw conclusions and predict what is still ahead of us in 2022 and the following years – says Przemysław Piętak, Director of Supply Chain Consulting at CBRE.

A lot of pressure to increase online sales from the very beginning pandemic caused companies to need more logistics space. It was necessary to move to larger industrial and logistics facilities, but also to re-evaluate how best to use the space already owned. This made it possible to adjust the performance to the needs market and the effective implementation of pandemic safety rules. The demand for additional space will continue, especially among retailers.

The pandemic has forced retailers to review the way they classify their stocks. A significant part of the products were transferred from stationary sales to the online channel, both physically and virtually. The new inventory structure that will stay with us will require more warehouse locations. This will allow us to meet consumer delivery requirements. Optimization allows for an increase in the number of processed orders while minimizing costs.

The e-commerce boom has increased the use of technology in picking, packaging and order fulfillment. New technological solutions are introduced to the market that streamline the process without the need to change the whole thing infrastructure. Thanks to this, they can be successfully implemented in existing facilities. For example, AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) solutions improve efficiency without increasing human resources, taking into account sudden spikes sales. An additional benefit of automation is greater safety at work, which is important in a pandemic.

When shopping online, consumers value fast, free package and easy returns. Providing these benefits can be complicated and costly, especially for retailers. The associated labor, transportation and re-introduction of the product into the supply chain have negative effects on sustainability and costs. That is why more and more companies are taking steps to improve the handling of these processes, e.g. by introducing reusable packaging or minimizing waste. In the coming months, new innovative solutions will be introduced to the market.

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