Trade shows and almost a million zlotys in fines. The victims are mostly seniors

About 916,000 PLN penalties were imposed by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection for unfair practices at trade shows.

– We eliminate pathologies that occur during trade shows, and the victims of which are often seniors. The punished entrepreneurs took advantage of their health concerns or manipulated prices in order to make the purchase necessary or attractive – says Tomasz Chróstny, President of UOKiK.

Another deceptive practice is informing that the contract cannot be withdrawn, which is what a lie. There were also prohibited clauses that made its solution difficult.

For the first time, UOKiK used the possibility of imposing a fine on the manager responsible for infringing consumer rights. A member of the management board of Magforte is to pay 250 thousand zloty.

– A manager who intentionally committed unfair practices towards consumers should be personally responsible for it. He approved the content of leaflets with invitations to research, trained traders and supervised the way they conducted demonstrations – underlines Chróstny.

In the case of the aforementioned company, it was about demonstrations where magnetotherapy devices were sold. However, invitation leaflets suggested that it was non-commercial medical research. In addition, customers were told that their health was so bad that they had to buy expensive devices that they would a remedy for all ailments. The alleged research was carried out by traders themselves and also interpreted them. UOKiK notified the prosecutor’s office about the case.

Another show organizer sold household appliances and massage devices. She informed that there were promotions, but the alleged higher list price was never actually in force. Not only that, the products they weren’t even worth it “Promotional” price.

UOKIK also draws attention to prohibited annotations in contracts, which are to hinder or even prevent withdrawal from the contract. For example, “the goods were delivered on the spot, unpacked, the seal was broken, the device is not returnable”, “summer sale offer, demonstration goods, non-returnable”. Meanwhile, a promotion purchase or unpacking the packaging in nothing does not limit the right to cost-free withdraw within 14 days from the contract concluded at the show.

All UOKiK decisions made in December are invalid, entrepreneurs and a member of the company’s management board may appeal to the court.


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