Traditional computers will lose their importance within a decade

As Peter Rutten from IDC said, commenting on the report on the state of data processing in the field of quantum computers, classical computers will lose momentum in the next decade due to many critical problems. Instead, quantum computers will appear on the wallpaper. This will be according to Rutten a new generation of high-performance data processing.

According to IDC, we will face significant breakthroughs in the field of quantum computers in the near future, and the market is to reach maturity of data processing in this way. In this regard, the context may be e.g. IBM, which recently announced that their newest quantum processor is a great step forward in the case of the performance of this type of computers compared to traditional equipment. Of course, there is still a way to get to the details – on the other hand, taking into account the technological leaps, these ten years do not seem to be an excessive number.

The above-mentioned IBM processor is the so-called Eagle, a 127-qubit quantum processor which, according to the company, is groundbreaking precisely because it breaks the barrier of one hundred fully operational qubits. In turn, China has recently also boasted about their computers, which announced that their Zuchongzhi 2 is to beat Google Sycamore.

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