Traditional festival in the forest and Plaza Moreno in memory of General José de San Martín

A memorial service for General José de San Martín will be held this Sunday in the forest and Plaza Moreno. Hours are 8am to 6pm, there are recreational activities for the whole family, and admission is free.

A traditionalist festival commemorating the national hero begins at 8:00 am in the woods with accreditation of participants. At 9:30 the formation is ready and we depart for Piazza Moreno to continue the day.

From 1:00 pm, a country lunch will be held with the folk table “Dúo Caminantes”. This will be followed by the dance troupe Flor de Ceibo, with presentations by Gisela Casavalle and Jorge Martile.

At 2:15 pm, attendees will enjoy the Southern singer “Marcelo Milaria”. At 3:30 pm, there will be a demonstration of horsemanship and bridle control by Nazareno Peralta and Pablo Rodriguez of the Cimarron Ballet and Payadores.

A horse-drawn carriage parade takes place in Piazza Moreno at 11am. At 1 pm the group “Agua Negra” arrived, followed by the dance group “Mil Flores”, the folklore duo “Nico Walter and Manu Moreno”, the dance group “Soncoy” and the singer “Carlos Tirao”. ‘ arrives.

It concludes with “Arrieros de Sueño,” culminating in Lele Lovato’s presentation at 3:30 pm.

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