Traffik, Simba and the others: the summer of the criminals to the rhythm of the trap

They define themselves as artists and trappers, but they are best known for their criminal enterprises. On the musical front they have to prove everything, there is not much trace of them in the radio and charts. And to tell it for what it is, this armed escalation among self-styled last representatives of hip hop, appears grotesque. Once upon a time people were scandalized by the showdowns that cost the lives of stars who sold millions of copies of their albums, such as Notorious BIG and 2Pac. Here we are faced with stories of brisk, brutal disease and that in some cases seem, if anything, to underline the decline of a career that was never born. This time it was up to Jordan Tinti25, from Brianza, better known as Jordan Jeffrey Babyit’s at Traffikto the century Gianmarco Fagà26 years old who, when he was paired with Gallagheranother trapper from the capital and his former friend, claimed to be the author of the first song of the musical genre in our country: Cavallini.

Robberies, threats and arrest

Jordan and Traffik were arrested by the soldiers of the Bernareggio station (Monza and Brianza) for robbing a 41-year-old Nigerian worker of his bicycle and backpack, armed with a knife and shouting “we want to kill you because you are black” at Carnate station. Jordan, who has a totally tattooed face, was already known to the carabinieri for posting a video in which he jumped on the roof of a Gazelle and for having heavily insulted Vittorio Brumotti during one of his drug services. He lives in Brianza and, in the validation of the detention for robbery aggravated by the use of weapons by racial discrimination the judge stresses that he never respected the special surveillance to which he was subjected. The carabinieri therefore had no doubt in recognizing him in the photographs that the victim of the robbery had taken. The other, Traffik, has a much more substantial criminal record: two and a half years for robbing fans who asked him for an autograph in Rome and beating the shit out of a Bangladeshi citizen. He also has a trial for mistreatment of his ex-girlfriend and among the reasons why the judge ordered the prison there is also the fact that he basically no longer has a residence, in addition to the criminal record. In Carnate, they confronted the Nigerian worker who just got off the train on his way home from work: they appeared suddenly, from the access stairs to the platforms, shirtless with t-shirts covering their shoulders. They pulled out some knives: “We want to kill you because you are black.”
The man left his bicycle and backpack in the underpass, while the trappers continued to threaten him with death for the color of his skin.

A worrying escalation

The two took their bikes and rucksacks and got on the platform. At the invitation of the Nigerian, on the other side of the station to return the stolen goods, in response they threw the stolen goods between the tracks and then cut the tires of the bike with the knife. All finished in a video that they then posted on social networks. The next morning they strolled through Bernareggio and the Carabinieri took them. Jordan and Traffik however, they are not the only trappers who ended up in jail in the last few hours. Elia Di Genova, in fact, a 26-year-old Roman artist known as Elijah 17 Babywas stopped for attempted murder following a brawl with stabbing on the night of August 14 on the beach of the Olbia coast. He was tracked down in a hotel in Porto Cervo in a friend’s room. That night he had stayed a 35-year-old from Sassari, now in hospital at risk of paralysis, was seriously injured.

The feud between Simba La Rue and Baby Touche

It is from last June the attack knives in hand where he got the worst of it Mohamed Lamine Saidaaka trap Simba La Rue, grew up between France and Italy and resident in Lombardy, in Lecco. First mini album on the Warner label and already better known than Jeffrey Baby and Traffik. Baby Touché’s reciprocated rivalreal name Amine Amagour of Moroccan origin and resident in Padua. Their “gangs” confront each other and it is Touché who shows him on social media bloody face after being forced into a car and beaten by several people. The publication of the video gives visibility to Baby Touché, i like and the views soar but also the threats of retaliation for having done the infamous. Then the stabs to rival Simba, whose gang has been hit by nine arrests in the meantime. While he was denied entry into the community on the grounds that he had already been there after a robbery and the experience had not gone away “evidently no positive effect“. On Youtube they range from over one hundred thousand views per song to (in Simba’s case to over 7 million). These are the viral numbers of the video and social exposure, the ones from which almost no one lives and pays the bills. Great successes are missing record companies, there are no prizes and packed tours (as in the case of Fedez, Sfera Ebbasta, Marracash) but the fever for threats and the violence exhibited push them not to stop, as their followers want. And this is not moralism: it is a summer of feuds and criminal acts between those who hide behind a musical genre.

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