Tragedy in the swimming pool of the Grand Hotel in Riccione: 21 year old drowned

The 21-year-old had just dived with some friends. Help was useless. The carabinieri investigate to understand the possible presence of lifeguards.

Drama in the early afternoon of July 14 today in the pool of the Grand Hotel in Riccione: a 21-year-old probably died as a result of an illness, after diving with friends into the water.

The alarm went off immediately and theambulance, after trying to revive him, they left for the hospital. But once he arrived for the young man, resident in Riccione and of Senegalese origins, there was nothing to do: the doctors could not help but ascertain his death.

The Carabinieri of Rimini investigate the latest tragedy and will have to understand what happened. According to early reconstructions, the 21-year-old suddenly disappeared underwater while he was in the pool with some friends. It was the latter who raised the alarm after seeing the boy at the bottom of the tub. Immediately brought back to the surface, he was already in a state of unconsciousness.

He drowned while taking a bath with his girlfriend: a ‘roller’ of water dragged him to the bottom

As explained by Gianni Andreatta, patron of the 5-star hotel, “the boy he suddenly felt ill. This is the only possible explanation “.

On the spot the 118 health workers with ambulance and medicalized car who managed to revive the boy. But upon arrival at the hospital, his heart stopped forever.

Investigations are currently underway to ascertain whether or not the rescue of the swimming pool was in place at the time of the tragedy. In fact, it seems that the young man dived into the water at the time of the lunch break of the lifeguard. Probably the magistrate on duty decides to arrange an autopsy to ascertain the exact causes of death.

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