Tragedy in the village, 12-year-old takes his own life, family in shock

CONEGLIANO – The difficulty of integrating, the fear of the unknown, the homesickness. Moments of pure desperation that perhaps are the basis of the tragic choice of one 12 year old girl che took her own life in the backyard. The young student had arrived in Italy from Albania since two months together with his family and his brother and lived in a village in the Coneglianese area. She had struggled to integrate, she did not know Italian and this caused her profound discomfort, especially with the beginning of school. But no one in the family felt the depth of her pain: she appeared carefree, smiling. And also that gesture, as heartbreaking as it is fatal, she did in a moment that seemed happy, while she was playing in the garden on a sunny afternoon. To find her her parents, on the ground, lifeless. The attempts of the doctor and the nurses of Suem 118 were useless, she was already gone. She flew away, in search of a peace that she here she did not find.

With “Sos Suicidi” anyone can receive support and psychological help to overcome difficult times. In fact, there are some toll-free numbers to which you can contact: Telefono Amico 02 2327 2327. or Whatsapp at 345/0361628; Telephone Azzurro 1.96.96; InOltre Project 800,334,343; De Leo Fund 800.168.678.

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