tragic news for users, advertisements are popping up

A novelty destined to make people talk over time and that changes the service forever. WhatsApp is preparing to welcome advertisements within the platform, which is very bad news for users. Here’s how it all works

Whatsapp still today has millions of users every day. The service owned by Mark Zuckerberg has been able to stay on the crest of the wave all these years also and above all thanks to the work done by the team of developers, attentive to listening to every need of people.

Ads will arrive soon on WhatsApp, bad news for users and that could significantly change the user experience (Adobe Stock)

The news, however, did not end here, quite the contrary. In fact, several additions are planned between now and the end of the year, some accompanying them and others that aim to radically change the platform. There is one in particular just announced by Meta that is already causing discussion, but not in a positive way: they will soon arrive advertisements on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp will soon have ads, how will it all work

During a recent meeting with shareholders, Half officially announced that soon ads will land on WhatsApp. A move justified by the desire to reverse a negative trend recorded in recent quarters at the level of shares, with the value continuously falling and which has reached its minimum since the beginning of 2019.

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A machine learning program will be leveraged, as announced by Meta. Similar speech also for Instagram (Adobe Stock)

The idea is to take advantage of a machine learning softwarein order to show advertisements intended for “reach the people who are most likely to make a purchase“. Obviously without going to monitor the content of messages sent and received, an action that should be done against the policies imposed by the company.

It is still unclear how the ads will be shown within the application. The hope of the users is that these do not become excessively invasive and that they do not harm the experience in general. Meta is also well aware of this, since it cannot afford a new slip and another exodus of users to other platforms.

However, the news at Zuckerberg did not end there. According to what emerged, in fact, soon too Instagram will take advantage of some augmented reality programs for even more targeted advertising. Ads will be shown on the browse page based on people’s preferences and their connections with influencers. We will see if these moves will lead to immediate benefits for Meta or not.

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