trailer and release date of the comedy starring Dylan O ‘Brien and Zoey Deutch

Not Okay is a satirical and irreverent comedy about the influence of fake news in everyday life.

Not Okay – satirical and irreverent comedy produced by Searchlight Picture – brings together in the cast some actors who are the most loved and appreciated by the young audience: Dylan O ‘Brien – star of the saga Maze Runner and the series Teen Wolf, Zoey Deutch (The Politician) And My Isaac (Don’t Make Me Go). The film will be released directly in streaming, on the platform Hulufrom July 29. On the occasion of the upcoming release, the official teaser trailer.

Not Okay – Plot and trailer

The teaser opens with a disclaimer, which warns the public of the presence of one “Unpleasant protagonist”, the young Danni. With no purpose in her life, Danni decides to fake a trip to Paris to gain Instagram followers, but ends up in the center of a much bigger lie than her:

Danni Sanders, an aspiring writer with no purpose, no friends, no romantic prospects and, worse still, no followers, fakes an Instagram-friendly trip to Paris in hopes of increasing her social media influence. When a terrible accident strikes the City of Lights, Danni unknowingly falls into a bigger lie than she ever imagined. She “becomes” a heroine, even forming an unlikely friendship with Rowan, a school shooting survivor dedicated to social change, and meets her man of her dreams Colin. As an influencer, Danni finally has the life and audience she has always wanted. But it’s only a matter of time before the facade cracks and she learns the hard way that the Internet loves to “take notice.”

Not Okay therefore revolves around the – always current – problem of social networks and their influence in daily life and analyzes, through social satire, the repercussions that fake news have in people’s lives. The film also marks the return of the couple O ‘Brien \ Deutch, already at the center of The Outfit. The direction and the screenplay are both entrusted to Quinn Shephardmaking his debut behind the camera.

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