“Trans people …”. The crazy sentence of the immunologist about Meloni

Since the immunologist Antonella Viola does it deal with interpreting the thinking of others? Before yesterday, we were convinced that the professor from Taranto was above all an expert in biology and scientific research, but perhaps we were wrong. Speaking to Half past eighton La7, the doctor tried to explain why Giorgia Meloni has chosen to decline the wording of his office as president to the masculine, entering into a somewhat risky reasoning.

Pressed by Lilli Gruberwho asked her for an opinion on the matter, Viola first stated: “If it’s a gender dysphoria problem, all respect. He can be called whatever he likes. All transgender people deserve to be called whatever they want. Since I don’t think that’s what it is and I think Meloni is cisgenderthen it is a grammatical error“In reality, eminent linguistic authorities had already explained how the choice of Meloni was legitimate and that it was not a mistake. “Those who prefer traditional male forms have the right to do so“, had observed the president of the Accademia della Crusca, Claudio Marazzini.

Linguistic nuances aside, Antonella Viola then went into reasoning. “What is the truth? Is that this yes is a sign of weakness. It seems that Giorgia Meloni lives the dimension of being a woman almost like a diminutio. As if to be taken seriously in a world of men she has to give up her gender“, he affirmed, launching himself into a very personal interpretation of the reasons of the leader of the Brothers of Italy. Quite questionable evaluations, if you consider that the leader of the Brothers of Italy has never hidden her being a woman. Indeed, in a now famous rally, the party member even claimed loudly to be “woman” And “mother“, later finding herself criticized by the detractors of the progressive area.

I don’t think that when Meloni goes to his daughter’s school he says ‘good morning teacher’ to the female teacher. If a teacher can be called a teacher and a cashier can be called that, why can’t a prime minister be called the president? This is a bit strange“, concluded the immunologist, while the presenter Gruber smiled pleased and announced to the viewers her future behavior with respect to that masculine declination so difficult to tolerate.

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