Transfer: Barcelona excited for Neymar, new announcement!

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Transfer: Barcelona excited for Neymar, new announcement!

Published on August 12, 2023 at 08:30 am

Neymar enthralled the Spanish press. The media agree that his return is increasingly likely given Neymar’s position at PSG, who appear to want to split. At FC Barcelona, ​​voices are rising to welcome Neymar, who has passed through the club for four seasons. After Frankie de Jong, Oriole Romeu came into play.

fail to repatriate Lionel messi who went tointer miami after leaving psgThe heart rate barcelona kick back hard neymarleft for Paris Saint Germain In the summer of 2017. In fact, according to the information given by marcelo Bechlerjournalists of TNT SportsThe heart rate barcelona hope he achieves his goal neymarbut i will wait to see if psg whether to release him from his contract prior to the offer of a developed lease.

“As far as Neymar is concerned, all the players who contributed are welcome”

In favor of heart rate barcelonaWe would be particularly optimistic about the prospect of Kule club getting their hands on Neymar as they would make it a priority barca as always Marcelo Bechler. midfielder of FC Barcelona, arrived this summer oriole Romeo acknowledged the arrival of neymar in Catalonia during an interview with gentes fc this Friday. “As far as Neymar is concerned, all the players who contributed are welcome. We will see whether the club decides to take him or chooses another option (smiles).

De Jong was ahead of Romeu in Neymar case

same story for Frankie DeJong. after the victory of heart rate barcelona in front of Tottenham Players of Tuesday evening, for the Gamper Trophy (1-0) barca rolled out the red carpet at number 10 psg on the microphoneL Desmarck. “Would I like Neymar to come back? This is a topic that concerns the management and the club. I can only say that for me Neymar is a high quality player, one of the best in the world. If a player like him can come in our team then he is welcome. neymar would appreciate.

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