Transformation of OFE? “There are no political decisions”

– Due to complicated reasons, the act transforming the OFE has not been delivered to the end. This project went through the entire cycle of consultations between the parliamentary committees and the Council of Ministers and it turned out that we have a pandemic, uncertainty on the stock exchanges, therefore we have not reverted to it. It is not known when it will be a good time for it, as the dynamics in terms of the assets accumulated there is serious and there are no political decisions to return to the project, said Waldemar Buda.

– This is not a good time to make these changes – we have a pandemic, high inflation. We didn’t want to go about it now, when financial markets are unstable and assets are uncertain. Rather, at the moment, at least in the annual perspective, we would not come back to this – he added in the backstage.

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In February 2021, almost a year after the suspension of work, the discussion on the transformation of Open Pension Funds into Individual Pension Security Accounts returned to the Sejm. The bill was proceeded almost unchanged, but scheduled for the end of April, and the vote after the third reading did not take place. As it was later reported, in September the legislative process of the new bill was to begin.


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