Transformed into a red devil, Doja Cat displeases Christians

Since then, the singer continues to attract the wrath of her fans. After telling them she didn’t like them and insulting them, more than 200,000 people unsubscribed from her account in 48 hours. The theory of some would be that it was not really Doja Cat who said this but her alter ego, Scarlett, because the interpreter of “Say So” has fun changing her personality each time she releases a new album. And Scarlet is evil, as she made clear in her music video for “Paint The Town Red.”

We see her several times dressed in red, next to the reaper, wearing red contact lenses, or even at the feet of the Devil himself, his body painted in dark gray, his eyes entirely black and horns on his head. Not to mention the chorus: “Mm, she the devil

She a bad lil’ bitch, she a rebel“, either “Mm, she the Devil, she a little bitch, she a rebel“.

Is this her response to criticism from her fans or had she already planned everything a long time ago? In any case, this new release has only reinforced the disenchantment of Christians for the singer, as the Unilad site points out.

Doja Cat’s new song is all about her worship of the devil. I’m not even kidding. May God protect our children“, can we read on Twitter. Or: “Why has it become cool to promote the devil?“.

In other words, this clip is proof that Doja Cat isn’t done talking about her.

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