Transition to DVB-T2. It is indicated who will have to replace the TV

The DVB-T2 signal is to be generally available in Poland in the middle of this year. Many people are still afraid of the transition to a new standard and do not know what exactly it entails. It is for them that we have prepared a wide study in which we touched upon all the most important threads. We know that a large group of users does not have to worry about losing access to TV. This is because new TVs already offer a second generation digital tuner by default.

The Institute of Telecommunications reassures that the owners of slightly older designs should not worry. In their case, it is enough to buy a decoder. There was even an idea to subsidize the purchase of such equipment, thanks to which also people with a smaller budget will be able to afford it. Only owners of the oldest TV sets will have problems. As the above-mentioned Institute of Telecommunications indicates, receivers older than 25 years will be replaced.

We will not connect a decoder to them due to the lack of an HDMI port or a SCART connector. Moreover, even with the latter, the image quality may not be satisfactory. For this reason, experts recommend simply replacing the TV set now and not waiting for the last minute. Especially that the switchover of DVB-T to DVB-T2 signal will start in some parts of the country on March 28 and end on June 27.

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