Transparent TVs with the best images that seem to float: CES 2024 News

The device uses MicroLED technology for the first time.

inside Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 Let’s start with the first interesting device: the transparent TV.The technology they brought Samsung and LG At the exhibition, home screen consumption took a step forward.

Although neither company revealed the sales price, operational details and the technology behind it were revealed to provide a different experience.

Before CES started, the company organized an event to showcase some new technologies.One of the products is its first transparent screen Micro LED.

This technology offers higher brightness compared to OLED and transparent LCD models.This panel provides Holographic displaya, the content seems to float in the air.

Samsung and LG TVs have only been revealed, but neither has a price or release date. (database)

Additionally, its thickness of just one centimeter and high pixel density deliver clearer images. In terms of its design, the panel gives a glass feel as it has no frame and objects behind it can be seen.

One of the key advantages of these transparent panels is their ability to resist the effects of ambient light, surpassing OLED panels in brightness. However, with the MicroLED non-transparent series currently costing $150,000 for a 110-inch model, these types of displays are expected to offer hard-to-obtain value.

On the other hand, LG launched its first wireless transparent OLED at CES 2024, demonstrating its breakthrough in the field of transparent TV.

This kind of innovative 4K screencall organic light emitting diode T, It uses LG’s audio and video wireless transmission technology. One feature is that its contrast screen rolls up into the box at the bottom and can be raised or lowered at the touch of a button.

Samsung and LG TVs have only been revealed, but neither has a price or release date. (LG)

At the heart of the device is a new processor Alpha 11 Artificial Intelligence Coming from LG, it offers four times the performance of the previous generation. This means 70% better graphics performance and 30% faster processing.

Additionally, it is compatible with LG zero connection boxwhich allows wireless transmission of content –

OLED T’s versatile design offers freestanding, wall-mounted and wall-mounted configurations, while its base houses speakers that direct sound downwards and deliver high quality.

In 2023, Displace brings TVB This gave the show something to talk about. However, at the time the device was just a prototype and not many details were given other than to show a panel that could be taken anywhere and even placed on a window with a glass suction cup.

Displace will demonstrate a new generation of wireless TV at CES 2024. (replacement)

This year, the company has confirmed its participation in the event and said it will bring two finished products: Displace Flex and Displace Mini. These TVs require no cables or ports to operate, are “ultra-light” and can be controlled with gestures.

Additionally, a prototype was demonstrated 110 inches Details yet to be confirmed

Against the backdrop of innovation, the company announced Flexible It will come with an optional magnetic wireless charging system, which is a significant difference from the previously shown 55-inch model.

The company also announced a procurement platform AI Creating an ambient computing experience for their TVs that is unique on the market. By controlling the display with gestures, users will be able to identify items in frozen scenes and purchase them easily through the device. near field communication or mobile app.

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