Transportation Assistance Program Begins in UTCH Sur

The Technological University of Chihuahua Sur (UTCH Sur) will use an innovative application that seeks to help solve the transportation problem for students and staff, provide financial support to vehicle sharing and contribute to improving the environment gives.

Hoop Carpool is an application that European countries have implemented for years to support the mobility of their citizens, sharing trips with people who live, work or study nearby.

In the case of a university, the application will be divided into two areas, that of students and that of administrators and teachers, who will be able to search for trips available through the above digital platform and travel for multiple people in a single vehicle. and reach a common destination thus optimizing the use of the car by maximizing the number of seats that can be used.

At the beginning of the program, the rector of UTCH Sur, Luisa Yolanda QuiƱones Montenegro, remarked that this is an effort by the institution to make it easier for its students to transfer to university through innovative solutions.

To encourage the participation of the university community, the directors of the institution announced that the program would be free for commuters during the first three months of its implementation, while there would be rewards and incentives for those who register as drivers and drive more. Must have for those who travel the most.

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