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  • Trapped is a hidden gem on Netflix, with its complex story and action-packed ending driving its popularity on the streaming platform.
  • In “Trapped,” Joe’s motivation for kidnapping Abby is his grief over the death of his daughter and his desire to make his family whole again.
  • Cheryl agrees to help Will get into trouble as she is forced to comply with the kidnapping plan and becomes increasingly aware of Joe’s dangerous behavior. She ultimately sympathizes with Will’s concerns for Abby’s safety.

2002 movie trapped What culminated was a massive conflict on the highway, including a multi-vehicle pileup, an impromptu landing of a plane, and a collision of logging trucks. The thriller, currently streaming on Netflix, is well on its way to its climactic finale. The film tells the story of Joe Hickey (Kevin Bacon) and his team trying to kidnap Karen Jennings (Charlize Theron)’s daughter Abby (Dakota Fanning) for $250,000 ransom. It was later discovered that the kidnappers were not really after money, but believed Karen’s husband Will (Stewart Townsend) was responsible for the death of their daughter and sought revenge.

trapped The film initially released to poor reviews, but its complex story and action-packed ending helped the thriller find new life on streaming. trapped could be considered one of Netflix’s hidden gems, and for good reason. While the actual events of the finale are fairly clear, some motivations remain unexplained during the dramatic climax of the film’s finale.


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Why did Joe trap Abby in a trap?

Joe (Kevin Bacon) and Cheryl (Courtney Love) in

It was revealed earlier in the film that Joe and Cheryl (Courtney Love) were kidnapped for reasons darker than money: They were seeking revenge on the doctors who operated on their daughter Katie after her death. What starts out as a perfect crime committed by a low-life criminal family turns into a grieving family’s journey of revenge.Throughout the film, Joe’s main thoughts are of Katie, and Abby’s asthma reminds him more of his daughter And her health condition is worse than before the kidnapping.

Joe goes through a very stressful 24 hours before the end of the movie. What was supposed to be a routine, well-planned kidnapping turns into the challenge of a lifetime when every member of the family begins fighting back. This pressure, combined with the massive blood loss caused by Karen’s thigh slit, may have left Joe delirious. He ends the movie more paranoid than he started, and while he’s right about the FBI helicopter, his health isn’t great.

The biggest reason Joe tried to take Abby and let her live with him and Cheryl was because of his daughter. As Joe says, he wants to make his family whole again, and he believes Katie’s absence is the reason why the family is incomplete. This touches on one of the film’s central themes: revenge cannot fill the void left by loss.

Why Cheryl agreed to help with the will


Cheryl was unwilling to participate in the kidnapping from the beginning. Joe is passionate about his plans and focused on everything he needs to do, while Cheryl is always more interested in other things like watching TV or taking a shower while holding Will hostage. During one of their arguments, Will sees bruises on her stomach from Joe beating her, implying that Cheryl was forced to comply with the kidnapping plan. Even though Katie was the reason for their actions, Cheryl isn’t too interested in the revenge part of their planbecause she just wants to heal from her loss.


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Besides being unwilling, Cheryl also knows how dangerous Joe has become as his plans are revealed. Will convinces her that if she doesn’t help stop Joe, he will eventually kill Abby.He also told her that another doctor had lied to her and that He’s not responsible for Katie’s death, Cheryl believes it. She sympathizes with Will’s situation and worries about Abby, deciding to help him fight back against Joe.

Why the plane lands on the highway in the finale of Trapped

Will is initially reluctant to let the FBI get involved to save Abby because he thinks Jo will kill her if she finds out Will called the police. However, after Will and Cheryl got their money, it became clear that Joe becomes more irrational and unpredictable than before, as he began to deviate from his perfect plan. Since they were too far away from Abby when things started, they hatched a plan to use Will’s plane to rescue her. Will feels powerless throughout the film, both because he’s being held hostage and because he’s so far away from Karen and Abby, and flying to see them feels like he’s doing something rather than Not doing nothing.

When Will spots Marvin’s (Pruitt Taylor Vince) truck on the highway, he attempts to stop them by radioing the FBI from the plane to land a helicopter. The FBI explained that they would not do so because their ground team was still 20 minutes away. Feeling like I don’t have time before Joe kills Abby, Will decided to take matters into his own hands. He knows the only way to stop Marvin and Abby from moving forward is to block his truck with a plane.

Why did Marvin carve a statue of Abby?

A carving given to Abby (Dakota Fanning) by Marvin (Pruitt Taylor Vince) in

Joe’s cousin Marvin also reluctantly participates in the kidnapping. He got involved mostly because Joe asked him, but also because he still missed his niece Katie. He was in charge of the children the night of the kidnapping, which meant he had the best chance of bonding with them. When Abby had her first asthma attack in the cabin, she reminded him of Katie, he began to love her more than the other children he kidnapped. Marvin may have sculpted the statue of Abby because of her resemblance to Katie and because he didn’t realize how traumatic the experience was for her and believed they were closer than they were in reality.

What is the true meaning of the ending of “Trapped”


trapped For much of the film, he hides his subject, but by the end of the film, he explains what it all means. Joe, Cheryl and Marvin decide to seek revenge because they believe Will is responsible for Katie’s death. They had been grieving the loss of Katie for at least a year, trying to fill the hole her absence had left in their hearts. Revenge could never fill the void, however, and the crew eventually learned their lesson.

Joe learns this lesson first, which leads him to try to treat Abby as his own daughter in a desperate attempt to find something to make his life normal again. Marvin and Cheryl eventually moved past their grief and decided to help Abby get to safety and return her to her parents, which was one of the reasons they survived when Joe died. Joe lets grief consume himwhich leads him to commit horrific crimes throughout the film.

trapped This is an emotionally complex film about grief and the consequences of holding on to the past. What starts as a simple thriller about a perfect kidnapping is quickly revealed to be a more complex story about trying to fill an unfillable hole, and how ugly those efforts can get. Revenge always has its consequences, and after this experience, neither the Hickeys nor the Jennings will ever be the same again.

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