Travis Scott Caused “A Little Earthquake” In Milan!

a dynamic concert, famous american rapper travis scott There was a concert in Milan on Friday. However, due to the number of people present “A Little Earthquake” throughout northern Italy.

As always, the interpreter of “tallest in the roomatmosphere to its audience. Furthermore, it is a service and a fiery show that the artist has proposed. Therefore, in the video posted on the social network, we can see the audience jumping into the symbology, In any case, the cheering crowd was made up of big fans of the rapper. Especially since he had memorized the words to the music.

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Travis Scott mesmerized his audience!

So thousands of people gathered to hang out with Travis Scott. In fact, he is one of the highest-selling American rappers of all time. Currently on world tour, he fills concert halls. Since then, his career was at its peak and his success was well established. So he lit a fire last Friday and shook Italy, However, this is unlikely to be the last time.

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