Travis Scott once again caused an earthquake in Italy

This is not the first time that a crowd has generated such a jolt, as we could see at the end of July at the Taylor Swift concert in Seattle. Travis Scott had already caused a mini earthquake in Milan on July 1. We can then ask ourselves: are these events dangerous?

Responses are mixed. According to the director of the Colosseum Archaeological Park, Alfonsina Russo, the Circus Maximus is not made to host concerts of this magnitude. “The Circus Maximus is not a concert hall, it is a monument that must be respected. For this reason, we will no longer give positive reviews to rock concerts.“, she said.

She explains:Given what happened, not only with regard to public safety but also the conservation and protection of the archaeological heritage, we will give a negative opinion to this type of event. Personally, I think Circus Maximus should only host concerts such as opera and ballet, but not rock concerts which I believe should be held in stadiums“, can we read on the Rai website.

But it doesn’t look that simple. On the side of Mariano Angelucci, president of the Rome tourism commission, it is out of the question to stop the concerts at the Circus Maximus. He defends that the city benefits too much in terms of tourism, economy and employment and that for this reason, it is not possible to stop.

Currently, it is not known whether these tremors actually represent a risk. If they do happen again, seismologists will likely have to look into the matter further. Concert halls will then have to take new precautions.

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