Trefl Gdańsk fell away from home. A flash by Marcin Waliński

For the first time in the new year at home and the first triumph! Cuprum Lubin did not disappoint its fans and won against Trefl Gdańsk on Friday. The team from Lower Silesia was thus promoted in the league.

Małgorzata Boluk

Małgorzata Boluk

Marcin Waliński (Cuprum Lubin) in the attack

PAP / Maciej Kulczyński / In the photo: Marcin Waliński (Cuprum Lubin) in the attack

– Trefl, much like us, interweaves good meetings with weaker ones, so the day’s disposition will be important. I think that we are going to have a great show with a lot of fighting – admitted coach Paweł Rusek, quoted by the official club website of Miedziowe.

On Friday, Cuprum Lubin played their first home match in 2022 and, understandably, they wanted to show their best side. The goal was also to advance in the league and overtake his “neighbor” – Trefl Gdańsk. The team from Lower Silesia was in twelfth position and lost only one point to the club from Tricity.

The result of the match was opened by Kewin Sasak, but the next four “eyes” went to the account of the well-prepared hosts. The Miedziowe crew did not hold their hand in the attack and cultivated their advantage until Bartłomiej Lipiński appeared on the service. Trefl Gdańsk got in touch, but later Cuprum Lubin came to the fore. Marcin Waliński had a great fragment then and the local team was winning 13 to 10 after his service ace.

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The team from the Polish copper capital, however, began to weaken minute by minute and rebounded from the block. After one of them, by Bartłomiej Mordyl, the team from Tri-City was already winning 21 to 15 and boldly striving to win in the first set. The team of Paweł Rusek did not take up the fight in this installment, the game ended with a punctual game by the well-disposed Bartłomiej Lipiński.

In the second set Cuprum Lubin started strongly again, which very quickly developed a five-point distance after successful attacks by Remigiusz Kapica. The Gdańsk Lions did not stop pushing, but the Miedziowe team did not allow themselves to be distracted and ended the game to their advantage. In the third installment, the Miedziowe team followed the blow and with the help of the great Marcin Waliński took the lead in the match.

The fourth batch turned out to be the latter. Paweł Rusek’s team enjoyed volleyball and was leading 6 to 2 at the very beginning after successful blocks. In the end, Trefl Gdańsk reduced the losses to one point, but it was impossible to break Cuprum. Asa sent Florian Krage to the side of the guests, and then everything went smoothly. Three points in the clash of “neighbors” went to the account of the locals.

One of the fathers of victory was Marcin Waliński (MVP), who scored 22 points in a four-set duel. Remigiusz Kapica also showed a very good side (17 points).

Cuprum Lubin – Trefl Gdańsk 3: 1 (18:25, 25:20, 25:22, 25:21)

Cuprum: Waliński, Gunia, Ferens, Sekita, Kapica, Krage, Szymura (libero) and Maruszczyk, Gierżot, Kaźmierczak.

Club: Lipiński, Sasak, Kampa, Urbanowicz, Mika, Mordyl, Olenderek (libero) and Wlazły, Kozub, Reichert, Łaba.

MVP: Marcin Waliński (Cuprum)

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