Trembling Messi, Ronaldo and Pele… What if Mbappé went for 1000 goals?

He may struggle with each selection, even sometimes with three and a half seconds of playing time, but Oliver Giroud knows this deep down. Regardless of the return or the headbutt coming out of nowhere, Kylian Mbappe will one day, and perhaps it will not be counted in years, take away from him the title of top scorer for the France team. Ten goals behind the former Gunners, the Paris striker could also make a move during the next Euros.

46 goals in selection, 27 with Monaco and 227 with PSG, pending the match against Greece this Tuesday in qualifying for Euro 2024. There is no need to participate in “numbers and letters” to make the account good. Yep, that’s 300 goals for Kyks since the start of his career. All at the age of just 24 years and 333 days. Better than Neymar (277), Messi (274) or Cristiano Ronaldo (158) at the same age, report Team,

“300 is ridiculous”

So, obviously, you’ll see us coming. If Bondi’s Kid is better at passing the time than other machines, how far can he go? “I’ve always wanted to make sporting history,” the Blues captain assured solemnly after his hat-trick against Gibraltar. Some players scored 800, others 850. Three hundred compared to that is ridiculous! This is a step up for me and I want to continue being a referee for my national team and my club. ,

Details of Mbappé's 300 career goals goals.
Details of Mbappé’s 300 career goals goals. – SofaScore / 20 minutes

If he continues the current dynamic with around fifty goals per season, at the age of 35, Kylian Mbappe could be close to 800 goals in about ten years. Therefore, close to the current number of goals of Leo Messi (821) and Cristiano Ronaldo (860). “He can reach and even surpass the figures achieved by Messi or Ronaldo, that’s for sure,” said French international Steve Savidan. He is very much like them in their heyday, he is in a team that is dominating their Championship, and that will continue for many years. And, the French team has a super generation with them. ,

“A thousand goals is a lifetime”

Messi and CR7 are good. But can Mbappé overtake Pelé and, according to the legend he created, score 1,283 goals? Former Bordeaux and Marseille coach Elie Boup laughs, “A thousand goals is a lifetime.” For Mbappé, almost 700 goals would already be an achievement. And beating Cristiano Ronaldo would be extraordinary. » “The 1,000 goal will be difficult, but achievable,” Savidan replied. then how ?

  • According to the former Valenciennes player, by improving on some points: “He has a lot of room for improvement on free kicks. He can also improve his heading game. For this, he too has to stand in the dock, but this is not his strong point, nor his role, because rather it is he who crosses. And whether he stays at PSG or leaves for another club, he will have to continue taking penalties. ,
  • According to the former coach of Toulouse, he changes his game a little as he grows up: “With time, as Luis Enrique says a little, he will have to participate a little more, do more activities in relation to the collective. »

“Players won’t be the same age”

Above all, he has to keep himself safe. Apart from missing a month this season due to irritability and a hamstring injury keeping him off the field for thirty days in 2019-2020, Kylian Mbappe has escaped the reaper for the time being. “Seasons with 50 goals remain extraordinary because you have to have alertness, clarity, optimal recovery every three days,” Eli Bopp insisted. And, even though he doesn’t want to be a bird of ill omen, Saint-Gaudinois doubts Donatello will be able to last long, and therefore, score at all costs.

Today, younger players are starting earlier and earlier, and they may not have the longevity of Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi. The number of matches in the selection is higher, the new format of the Champions League will also offer more matches. Players will not have as long a lifespan due to premature wear. It is not possible to do ten seasons with matches every three days. There are too many matches, too much entertainment, which will weaken the organizations psychologically as well. ,

So, before Kicks Walker takes over and tells us, during the long winter evening, this 40 meter lob scored against Gibraltar, if you know when we broke the record for the biggest win for a French team, We have everything you need to take advantage of Bondi’s talent, even if it’s for five, ten or fifteen years. “I often say, let’s be happy that he is French,” underlined Thierry Henry. This is extraordinary, let’s keep looking at it. » At least it will provide proof of all the goals he has scored. Not like Pele.

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