Trends started by the royal family

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Introducing the trends we’ve picked up from Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and other crowned heads.

Princess Diana, Her Majesty, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle have one thing in common: they all influenced what is in fashion. A report from the Lyst search platform revealed which of the trends started by the royals we copied from our favorite royals. From Princess Diana’s love of strong suits to the queen’s weakness for color blocking, see what fashion trends are attributed to the various members of the royal family and how they have brought them into our lives and our wardrobes.

Princess Diana and pillows on her shoulders

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Princess Diana was an undisputed style icon, but the most famous trend she launched, according to Lyst, was the shoulder pads. Prince Harry and Prince William’s mother adored them, wearing countless suits with this detail.

Queen Elizabeth II and color blocking

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The Queen is known to wear bright clothes for a very touching reason: so that in large crowds she can be seen by her royal fans, so that when they return home they can be sure that they have seen the queen. Staying true to this ethos, Queen Elizabeth II wore the striking lime green Stewart Parvin outfit and Angela Kelly’s hat at her grandson Prince Harry’s wedding in 2018. According to Lyst, “searches for bright, bright suits increased 89 percent.”

Meghan Markle and coats

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“Meghan has significantly increased the demand for striped and patterned coats around the world,” reports Lyst. After Markle wore her Cream Line the Label coat at the engagement announcement, Lyst noted that the coat “sold out in 12 hours.”

Kate Middleton and sports style

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The Duchess of Cambridge often appears alongside her husband at sporting events. She also plays many sports, including skiing and sailing. Lyst reports that this had an impact on sports style trends. Two days after Princess Kate wore her Perfect Moment ski jacket in 2017, designer searches on Lyst increased 390 percent.

Princess Margaret and cat-style sunglasses

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While Jackie Kennedy Onassis is credited with popularizing oversize sunglasses, Princess Margaret was the royal pioneer of cat-eye sunglasses. The princess loved the cat’s frame back in the 1950s. Lyst reports that “searches for such sunglasses have recently increased by 71%.”

Queen Elizabeth II and handbags with handles

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The characteristic handbag of Her Majesty is a small version with a top handle, usually produced by the British brand of luxury accessories Launer London – for a queen, oversize handbags might not exist. According to Lyst, “the number of handbags searches increased by 27%. Her Majesty’s Launer bags are searched every six minutes.

Princess Margaret and a narrow waist

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Princess Margaret has always been an advocate of a narrow waist, and to achieve this effect, she wore belts with dresses and coats. Lyst says, “Celebrities including Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner have been using wide belts on their coats and tops to tighten their waists lately.” Searches for women’s belts overall increased 34 percent. Since last year, belts with buckles have become popular, such as the belt with the Gucci logo. ”

Queen Elizabeth II and the equestrian style

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In addition to color blocking, the queen also likes the riding style. Chloé and Burberry alluded to equestrian style in their spring-summer ’18 collections, and Lyst reported a “55 percent increase in breeches searches in March 2018”. Searches for tweed jackets and quilted jackets are up 10 percent. From one year to another.

Queen Alexander and chokers

’90s chokers are back in style. According to Lyst, this trend was initiated by Queen Alexandra, who wore them to hide the scar on her neck. ” Lyst statistics show that “choker searches increased by 37%. over the past two years. “

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