Trespass, tonight on TV the film with Nicole Kidman and Nicholas Cage: plot and cast

On air today, September 28, in prime time on Italia1, “Trespass” is the latest film made for the big screen by director Joel Schumacher. A thriller that follows a middle-class family whose villa is raided by a gang of criminals. Interpreted by Nicole Kidman and Nicholas Cage and unreleased in our cinemas, the film does not leave out the psychological component of the characters.

Trespass: plot, cast and trivia

The story of the film follows an American family formed by Kyle, a diamond merchant, his wife Sarah and their young daughter, Avery. The three live in Louisiana, in a luxury villa. Behind their apparent tranquility, not particularly happy relationships are hidden. One evening four criminals enter the house: they are Elias, Petal, Jonah and Ty. The intent of the gang is to steal as much money and valuable goods as possible in about 15 minutes. The criminals are hampered by the intervention of Kyle, Sarah and Avery and, faced with their desire not to hand over the money, the gang takes them hostage. Over the course of one night violence and secrets will emerge until then kept hidden. Some stories from the past will end up highlighting links between victims and perpetrators. Dated 2011, “Trespass” is the last film made for the cinema by Joel Schumacher, who passed away in 2020 and successful author (especially in the 90s) of films such as “A day of ordinary madness”, “The client”, ” Batman Forever” and “A Time to Kill”. For the occasion he directs two stars of the caliber of Nicole Kidman and Nicholas Cage. The film stages various typical ingredients of the contemporary thriller by concentrating the action in a short time span. While basting the tension, the narrative delves into the past of the various protagonists (both criminals and victims), bringing out the psychological components of the group of characters. Not well received by critics and in Italy arrived directly on the home video market, the airing allows this film to be known to a wide audience, who will be able to re-evaluate it or not.

Where to see Trespass on TV and in streaming

Trespass is broadcast on Wednesday 28 September at 21:20 on Italia 1 and, in live streaming and on demand, on the Mediaset Infinity platform.

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