Triangle Strategy – game cover officially revealed

Triangle Strategy has a pattern Octopath Traveler take players to the beautifully designed, pixelart world of magic and sword. Previous title Square Enix was very well received by reviewers and fans, so when the announcement of the tactical strategy – Triangle Strategy was announced at the Nintendo Direct presentation in February 2021, many fans were very excited. Responsible for the game Tomoya Asano, which was the producer of the above-mentioned Octopath Traveler and Bravely Default – another pixelart jRPG.

The Triangle Strategy demo was released concurrently with the February announcement and thus exposed some cards. We learned a little about the plot, gameplay and artistic direction. All indicates that Triangle Strategy she is heavily inspired Final Fantasy Tactics. Another much-loved game that is often considered the mother of all tactical RPGs.

Triangle Strategy will be released on March 4, 2022, and now we can see the cover of the boxed edition of the game. Unlike promotional material, the cover focuses only on the character named Serenoa Wolffort. He is standing on a hill with his back to the player. Ravens flying around may suggest that the hero is admiring the field after the battle. There will be plenty of those in the game.

The cover character joins his fiancée – the princess Frederick Aesfrost and a friend from childhood Roland Glenbrook. Walffort is heir to the House of Walffort and will be responsible for the success of many battles on the way to domination over other families. The game uses a turn-based combat system that we know well from tactical Japanese RPGs. Anyone who has ever eaten nightgowns at Final Fantasy Tactics, you should feel at home.

Above Triangle Strategy dark clouds gathered for a moment. It was related to the announcement of use in the game NFT technology. Blockchain technology has been on the radar of many game developers recently, as it allows for additional monetization of titles.


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