Tribute to the former mayor –

On July 6, Eloi Bégué left us. The mayor, Jean-Louis Mailhes, and his municipal councilors wanted to pay tribute to him.

Éloi Bégué was mayor of Bernadets-Débat for 8 terms, since in 1965, he was elected municipal councilor and mayor in 1971. During all these years, he carried out several projects for the municipality such as the creation of the rural home, the restoration of communal buildings and construction of the tennis court.

Born in 1937 in Mazerolles, Eloi Bégué, on his return from two and a half years of the Algerian war, settled in Bernadets with his wife Rose to work on the family farm. Then he became a postman, and worked at La Poste until his retirement.

The inhabitants testify, “he was very fond of DIY and gardening, and used these passions for the beautification of his village, for example he made flower boxes which he maintained and watered regularly. He was really devoted to his village “.

He was also very involved in associations, notably the Senior Citizens Club, of which he was president for many years.

The mayor and the municipal councilors wish to associate themselves with the pain of Rose and all her family.

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