Tried the Pilates Reformer at the new EPISOD studio and I’m about to get hooked

EPISOD has already achieved the feat of getting me to come to the sport regularly (3 or even 5 times a week when I’m on the job). So when the Parisian leader in sports halls opened its brand new studio with a new discipline, I obviously wanted to try it out. And it was not won: pilates REFORMER, I don’t know. For me, it’s a machine in which you can hang your hair and end up with a tuft less, while doing antics without tail or head. And really I have no coordination, so the idea does not seduce me in advance. But I know that I will be in good hands because the test session organized for the journalists takes place with the master trainerthe pilates and suffering expert (but it’s for your own good, so hey…), I named Thibaut. The same one who regularly makes me suffer in classic pilates class and can boast of more than 20 years of experience in the field of yoga and pilates. I promise, it’s not a typo, he has 20 years of experience… And a very good skincare routine. Before starting his class, I ask him about the difference between pilates, which I know well, and REFORMER. “You’ll see, it’s worse“, he tells me. Great! It’s like that with Thibaut: it’s hard, but you see the results very quickly. And it’s even more addictive. As proof, all his classes are almost always full. It takes weeks (…)

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