Trossard, Tielemans or… in Doku: With the Devils who will take on Kevin De Bruyne’s role?

The last track, submitted by one of our internet users, is to bring back jeremy doku in axis. possible, conceivable? Not necessarily, if we listen to our two experts. “It would be depriving itself of its greatest quality” Simply put, says Benjamin DeSeunink.

An opinion shared by Fred Wasege: “There are other people in the centre. Doku, he sets up, he dribbles, he passes, it’s very rare to have a player with those qualities, who is capable… If we manage to put him in a 1vs1, he practically becomes invincible. Teams are obviously going to double down on him, but in the center of the game, there are very few places, very few markers. When he is on the flank, facing the opponents, the line is behind him. So he knows that no one will come after him. I don’t think it’s a good idea, you shouldn’t distort it in your game. It is very rare to have such elite players. This is an opportunity, you have to utilize it 100%.”

So who will replace Kevin De Bruyne? If we were to listen to our two experts, not Doku or Tielemans. Maybe Trossard, then. until Tedesco Carrasco renews the option with a second chance.

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