trouble and scams due to call centers

Electricity and gas bills are increasingly expensive, but some mistakes by Italians and call center scams risk putting families in further difficulty.

As we know, gas electricity bills are increasingly expensive in this period and this is certainly a very serious one sting for families.


But let’s see how a problem on the communication of their consumption and call center scams are putting too many users in great difficulty. Some electricity and gas companies are able to independently read consumption on the meter.

The new scams on electricity and gas

However some other companies need it that the consumptions are communicated by the user.


Sometimes you are asked to report the consumption of phone while other times you are asked to use the web. However, when consumption is required it is always essential point them out. Indicating consumption is not a real legal obligation. Theoretically, you can also not do it. In this period, however, who is not indicating consumption very high presumptive consumption is often applied and risks paying a very high bill. But the real problem with electricity and gas are the scams.

Remote reading and scams

In fact, Italian families are getting very heavy scams precisely because of the call centers. Call centers call Italians by posing as officials of their own electricity and gas company. These scam calls are truly insidious. In fact, the Italian consumer is told that there is a need to update their users for the transition to the free market. Or in other cases they are told to make a specific telephone practice to be able to enjoy a bonus or perhaps to avoid a further increase.

They make a fraudulent change of operator

In this period there is much talk of utilities of electricity and gas and the Italians are confused. So when someone calls them telling them that they are an official of their operator and that they need to do a small adjustment to take advantage of a bonus or avoiding a rise in prices, people believe it. But this is exactly how you often switch to another scam operator and then you are in trouble.

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