Troubles, troubles of Paulo Sousa. And this is at the very beginning of work in Brazil with the Polish National Team

On the second day of Christmas, Paulo Sousa informed the president of the Polish Football Association, Cezary Kulesza, that he had decided to leave the Polish national team and accept the offer of the Brazilian Flamengo. The Portuguese coach achieved his goal and although he will have to pay compensation, he terminated the contract with the Polish association and left the team shortly before the World Cup play-offs.

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Paulo Sousa has already lost an employee

Paulo Sousa wants to make changes in Flamengo. One of them is the willingness to correct the players’ actions. They would be recorded by a special drone and the Portuguese could immediately point out their mistakes.

Meanwhile, Paulo Sousa has his first problems in Brazil. Portuguese Cesar Andrade stopped working in the club. Until now, he was an expert in the club on technology-related matters. He asked for the contract to be terminated. He explained himself with personal problems.

– Even before the field work began at CT Flamengo, the technical committee of the Portuguese Paulo Sousa suffered the first victim: the Brazilian César Andrade, who assisted him with the technology part, reported specific problems and declined the invitation, Brazilian journalist Gilmar Ferreira wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian media criticize the former coach of the Polish national team for the fact that he often emphasizes in interviews that Flamengo is the largest football club in the world. His employment was criticized by Jose Neto, a former Brazilian player.

– Gosh, but a great coach … Somehow I’ve never heard of him before. Sousa is telling the truth all the time that Flamengo is the biggest club in the world. It’s not true because the biggest club in the world is Corinthians, Neto told Brazilian TV. on Brazilian Neto TV and noted that Sousa was spreading false information that the biggest club in the world is allegedly Flamengo.

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