True Thompson is the daughter of Kim Kardashian ?! One of the family members says so

Kim Kardashian
Author: E! Entertainment / Ferrari Press / East News

The Kardashian family tree can make you dizzy, especially if you add the youngest generation to it. Each of the sisters, except Kendall Jenner, is a mom, so at times you can get really lost. Weird reports surfaced online saying True was Kim Kardashian’s daughter! Something is wrong here … Be sure to read!

Kim Kardashian is a happy mother of four kids: North, Psalma, Chicago, and Saint. The father of the children is rapper Kanye West. Her sister Khloe is mom True Thompson, which is the fruit of her relationship with basketball player Tristan Thompson.

There have been some disturbing reports in the foreign media recently. One member believes True is not Khloe’s daughter at all, but Kim’s. Does Kim have five children?

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True Thompson is the daughter of Kim Kardashian? Khloe translates

Khloe explained the whole seemingly confusing situation with a smile on her face.

The celebrity assured that there is no drama in the family. And the rumors of turmoil stemmed from the fact that her daughter True was still too young to grasp family ties. Playing with the little Psalm often, she is convinced in the world that it is her… brother!

This is so cute. Everyone thinks they are siblings. True thinks so too. He says to the Psalm: my brother. I don’t correct her because I find it cute.

Khloe marveled.

We wish Khloe a lot of patience as it comes time to translate the family tree’s daughter! xD



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