Trump backed vaccinations in an interview. Part of the audience boasted about the former president

– I took a boost. I have seen interviews with many politicians in which they were asked if they had received a third dose. The answer is yes, but they won’t say it. Because they are cowardly. But it has to be said. I think the fact is that vaccines have saved the lives of tens of millions of people around the world, Donald Trump said in an interview on Tuesday on One America Network.

According to commentators, Trump’s statement was a criticism of rising Republican star Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who refused to answer the question of whether he had taken an extra dose during an interview. But many more right-wing politicians, including about half of Republican congressmen, refused to report the vaccination.

The former president’s interview was another statement in which he encouraged vaccination, despite considerable skepticism among his constituents.

In response to these comments, some of the audience started humming during a live appearance by journalist Bill O’Reilly. He was also criticized by one of Trump’s supporters, the so-called Alternative right Candace Owens, who said Trump’s views on vaccines stemmed from his old age and the fact that he drew information from the mainstream media.

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