Trump, FBI agents who searched the villa in Mar-a-Lago threatened with death

from Viviana Mazza

The right-wing press publishes the names. The judge who signed the warrant is also targeted

NEW YORK – A “unprecedented” number of threats against FBI personnel and property followed the search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. Precise threats, including against the two officers who signed the inventory of requisite documents, he told the Cnn a law enforcement source. Their names went online on Friday nightwhen the far right site Breitbart Newswhich was formerly headed by Trump strategist Steve Bannon, released a copy of the search warrant.

Breitbart, like other media, he had the mandate before it was declassified, but he is the only one to have published it without covering the names. A few hours later the site released another version, in which they were no longer legible, but the names of the two agents had already had time to end up on the Trumpian social network «Truth» where some users defined them as «traitors». There are those who accuse the former president himself, who owned a copy, of having leaked the mandate without censorship (unlike the one disclosed shortly after by the judge), although it is not possible to prove it. The social «Truth» however sent a «push alert» to promote the article by Breitbart.

One of these threats against the FBI has already turned into violence last Thursdaywith the attempted raid on an office of the agency in Ohio, which ended with the killing of the attacker armed with an assault rifle. Ricky Shiffer, 42, was a Trump supporter, with ties to the Proud Boys group that participated in the January 6 assault on Congress.. He had expressed his anger in “Truth”; after the search of Mar-a-Lago he wanted revenge. “Violence is not (always) terrorism,” wrote Shiffer, urging the killing of FBI agents. “Evil has already won, we must fight a civil war to take back the country.” Judge Bruce Reinhart who signed the warrant is also a target, along with his family. One of the messages reads: “I see the rope around your neck.”

Meanwhile, the New York Times revealed that a Trump lawyer signed a written statement in June assuring that there were no more classified documents in Mar-a-Lago: The agents found them on August 8 instead (Trump insists on having them declassified before leaving the White House, but there is no evidence that this is the case). This explains why the former president is also investigated for obstruction of justice.

In the year and a half since the assault on Congress, threats of political violence have become a constant in American life. The use of de-humanizing and apocalyptic language by right-wing politicians and media helps to normalize violence. Studies show that even a percentage of progressives think violence against the government can be justified. FBI Director Christopher Wray sent out an internal memo attempting to reassure the agents: “Your protection is my primary concern at this time.”

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