Trump wants to challenge the judge from his trial for his maneuvers after the 2020 presidential election

Donald Trump, in Las Vegas, July 8, 2023 (Patrick T. Fallon)

Donald Trump, in Las Vegas, July 8, 2023 (Patrick T. Fallon)

Former United States President Donald Trump announced on Sunday that he wanted to “recuse” the judge who must supervise his future trial for having tried to reverse the results of the November 2020 presidential election and favored the assault on the Capitol on January 6. 2021.

“I can in no way benefit from a fair trial with the judge + assigned + to this ridiculous case of freedom of expression and fair elections”, thundered Mr. Trump, as usual in capital letters, on his social network Truth Social.

“Everyone knows it, she understood. We will immediately ask that this judge be challenged, on very solid grounds, and likewise (request) a change of scenery (of the trial) outside of (Washington) DC”, added the former President on Federal Judge Tanya Chutkan and the US Federal Capital Court.

His lawyer, John Lauro, however denied on Sunday that a final decision had been made. Mr Lauro confirmed he would seek a change of venue, but only after “some polls” and “a quantitative analysis of how people react to the indictment”.

Magistrate Tanya Chutkan is to preside over the case that earns Donald Trump his third (and most serious) criminal indictment, and she is known for harshly condemning supporters of the former president who participated in the assault on the Capitol.

She was randomly assigned to oversee this historic court case involving the ex-president, indicted on August 1 on conspiracy against the state in connection with his attempts to reverse the November 2020 election result.

The former American head of state came to Washington on August 3 to plead not guilty to the four charges against him. On August 28, he should know the date of his trial, the special prosecutor Jack Smith who investigated wishing to see the case judged “without delay”.

– “Still Wrong Today”

Mr. Trump, favorite in the Republican Party primaries for the November 2024 presidential election, has also been charged by federal justice for his alleged negligent management of confidential White House documents. He is also being sued by the New York State justice system in a case of alleged accounting fraud linked to payments to buy the silence of a former porn actress.

The trials are to be held in March and May 2024. The United States will then be in the midst of an election campaign for the primaries.

The former vice-president of Donald Trump, the conservative Christian Mike Pence, launched into the race by judging that the maneuvers of his ex-boss to try to reverse the result of the presidential election of 2020 disqualified him for 2024.

“President Trump was wrong then and he’s still wrong now,” Pence said on CBS on Saturday. And on CNN on Sunday, he assured that he would comply with the law if he was summoned by justice to testify against Mr. Trump at his trial.

Last week, the indictment revealed that Mr. Pence took “contemporary” notes of his meetings with Mr. Trump, which were given to special prosecutor Jack Smith.

The date of Mr Trump’s trial in the election case is expected to be announced on August 28 at a hearing before Ms Chutkan.


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