“Trust Napoli! Do you remember Milan last year? Kvara jumps all like pins, Kim will amaze”


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football has some good stories to tell. Almost from the heart book. In that of John By Lorenzo, however, Edmondo De Amicis has nothing to do with it. The exponential growth of the new Napoli captain puts everyone in agreement on how important goals can be achieved through work, sacrifices, humility and the will to do. These are the words of him in a long interview granted to the microphones of the Roma newspaper.

So how does it feel as a Napoli captain?

“It’s a great responsibility. But I’m happy to take it. I’m happy with this band. Now it’s up to me to prove that I deserve it.”

Did you expect after Insigne’s farewell that the baton would pass to you?

“At first I didn’t think about it because Koulibaly would be Lorenzo’s successor. Usually, then, the captain becomes the eldest of the group. But when the coach told me I was very happy. My teammates have shown a lot of confidence in me. Now I have an extra duty. “

How does the group change without the big names like Insigne, Mertens, Ospina, Koulibaly and Ghoulam?

“When in a squad of 23/24 people 6/7 go away it is a good percentage. At the beginning there was some suffering but thanks to the new and young people who came back we immediately started to breathe a positive air. A new Napoli is being born. It is true that we have lost some strong players but just as many good ones have arrived. ”

What impression did you have with the new purchases?

“Very nice. Beyond the appearance of the pitch just like the guys they are all good. They have been integrated immediately. We will have to bring the excellent atmosphere that we live in the locker room on the pitch.”

The South Korean Kim was taken in defense. Is it integrating?

“Very well. The dance video has gone viral. Besides being a strong player he is a decent guy. Maybe he arrived with the lights off but he can turn them on on the pitch. Let’s not forget Ostigard as a reinforcement. And Olivera was also taken on the left. “.

What backward department will it be without Koulibaly?

“Kalidou we all know how important and dominant he was in our defense. He’s a number one. But there are substitutes who will be up to it. I remember last year when there was the African Cup they played together. very often Rrahmani and Juan Jesus and they have not gone badly. He is the commander and irreplaceable but I think we can do well with the newcomers. ”

What attack will it be without Mertens and Insigne?

“We have lost some very good players who have made the history of Napoli. But up front there are many who can be excellent substitutes. Kvara immediately got into Spalletti’s mechanisms. He jumps the man like skittles and will surely be appreciated by the skittles. our fans. I wouldn’t forget Lozano and Politano in the right lane. And then there’s Osimhen. An extraordinary goalscorer. Second we could do very well. ”

You who started very low and managed to reach historical goals, could be an excellent example for the many young people who are in Naples and for those who will arrive …

“Believe me, I didn’t think I was going to be captain of Napoli. But allow me to say that I won the armband with my work. It’s up to me and the other leaders to lead these youngsters. They bring a new atmosphere. They want to. to prove they can be from Naples “.

Spalletti is certainly Napoli’s most important weapon. How did you find him after the holidays?

“The coach is very energized. We are working really well. We have had a good retreat. We are ready for the first match. He is very motivated.”

How do you go from a striker called Bati-gol to one of the best full-backs in the world?

“Well, I made a big leap backwards (smiles). Like all children who approach football I wanted to score. But apparently my future was different. And it was better that way.”

How bad is it not to be able to go to the World Cup?

“A lot. In my opinion we will realize it when they play. To see them from home it will be bad.

You are also a leader in the national team. Everyone remembers when she decided to make Argentina understand in a friendly match that it was time to stop doing the phenomena. And Messi got involved …

“Oh yes. With the result safe there were behaviors on the pitch that I did not like. In football everything is allowed but not certain types of attitudes. And remember how the action went …”.

In these days of the transfer market, grids are back in fashion. The so-called experts have positioned Napoli outside the Champions area …

“Personally, I don’t believe much in the grids. It will be the pitch that will determine the positions. But I assure everyone that it is one more incentive for us to deny these famous grids. I remember that last year Milan were not much considered and in the end the campo decreed him champion of Italy “.

What are your feelings for the mid-August debut at Hellas Verona?

“Positive. We worked well. The new players have joined us. We are ready. We can’t wait to get involved and show what we are worth on the pitch.”

Do you feel like making a promise to the square?

“Sure. We are there. We want to give many joys to our people. At the beginning there was a bit of regret for the important departures. But as I said there is a group that wants to do well. They must be trusted. of us. Here we are. The pitch will determine our path. We are strong and we want to prove it. “

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